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Share a Meal

Good morning, Father! Thank you so much for waking me up this morning. You know what needs to take place this day. May I follow Your direction from beginning to end. Amen.

Revelation 3:20-22 (<<click the green)

Lord, looking at the last of verse 20 and the conclusion of chapter 2, it is a glorious invitation! If we invite You into our lives, Your desire is to “share a meal together” and if we are victorious” in fulfilling Your will in our lives here on earth, we will be able to “sit with [You] on [Your] throne”.

These things do not reflect a relationship between a mighty king and a lowly peasant in some remote village. They reflect a close relationship…an intimate relationship. You, who are so far and beyond us on every level, want to “share a meal” with us – that denotes rapport. The Encarta Dictionary defines rapport as “an emotional bond or friendly relationship between people based on mutual liking, trust, and a sense that they understand and share each other’s concerns.” …and that’s our relationship with You!

We are also included in Your future plans as well as present ones. The invitation to sit with You on Your throne says that we will rule with You if we are victorious –if we are faithful. I can only speculate as to what the ramifications of that invitation may be but looking at what Your mighty hand has accomplished that my limited vision can see in this world just sends my mind spinning as to what Your plans are for the next!

Lord, may I be found faithful! May I be victorious in fulfilling Your will “on earth as it is in heaven”! (Matthew 6:9-11) Amen.

Aug 6th, Sun, 6:22 am


Father, so many things in life are in a constant state flux. A common statement in many places is “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.” Not that long ago (last week?) we had snow on the ground and yesterday it was sunny and in the 70’s. When I got home late last night the sky was clear with every star shining in its radiance, today clouds are here and rain isn’t too far behind. Flux rules the day. Situations that we feel are secure can change in the blink of an eye. That’s just the way it is, and we can’t do a thing about it. If we really think about it, the only consistent aspect of life is inconsistency!

But, Lord, You do not fit into this mold. It clearly states in Hebrews 13:8 that, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” You are constant. We can build our lives upon You because You are rock-solid. Nothing can move You. Nothing can displace You. But mankind surely works hard enough trying to!

From the very beginning we have tried to displace You but the only place we have been successful is in our own hearts. Many have usurped the throne of our own lives but every single one of us, will have no choice but to abdicate that throne when we bow before You on that inevitable Judgment Day.

Why is it that we strive so diligently for stability in our lives yet we refuse to yield to the one Person who could give it to us? We would rather control our own lives with all of our inconsistencies and holes and heartaches and missed opportunities and dissatisfaction than give ourselves over to the One who would give us fulfillment beyond our wildest dreams, One who sees the big picture and is able to sustain and guide us through all of life’s ups and downs.

Jesus, I will continue to acknowledge Your Lordship over my life. Life is fuller, richer, sweeter with You on the throne. I have direction. I have stability. And no matter what life throws at me I know You are with me consistent and flux free!

Mar 9th, Wed, 5:15 am