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Cannot Be Chained!

Father, thank You for the ability to get so much done yesterday. Preparations for Sunday are almost complete. I would ask that I and everyone that will be in attendance would be open to hear Your voice, to listen to what You have to say and to act as You call each of us.

2 Timothy 2:8-10 (<<click here)

Lord, in this passage Paul once again proclaims the Gospel – the Good News – that You came to this earth to set things right.

You came to make it possible for humanity and God to be in right relationship – to tear down the wall of sin that separates us. And only because You gave Yourself in Your entirety – giving Your very life! – was this accomplished. Praise Your name!!

Paul may have been in chains for his proclamation but he made it very clear that the word of God cannot be chained.” v9b Humanity tries to control it, tries to tie it down, tries to limit it, to box it in. But, praise to Your, O Lord, it “cannot be chained”! We have fought against Your word from day one, but it has never been conquered. You and You alone, have been victorious. And because of it humanity has found its salvation – only in You!

Thank You, Lord, for loving us in spite of who we are. Thank You for believing in us and seeing who we were meant to be. Thank You for sharing with us Your strength and wisdom and tenacity so that we, too, can be victorious! AMEN!

Nov 6th, Fri, 5:48 am