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Hand in Hand

Sometimes, Father, it is difficult to come and sit with You. I am unworthy. Being who I am, doing what I do, saying what I say, and thinking what I think… I don’t deserve what is extended to me… grace, mercy, love, forgiveness, acceptance. But me being me does not change You being You. I am so grateful that that is the case. I am even more grateful that You being You does change me being me! You are my only means of saving me from myself.

All praise to You, and You alone, Almighty God!

Lord, I am grateful, too, that You join me on my journey. You understand my weaknesses, though, in love, you do not condone them. In Your strength and wisdom, You enable me to strive to move forward. You truly are a Savior many times over. Truly You sacrificed Yourself for my salvation (for which words cannot convey my gratitude!) but every day You extend Your hand to me – to encourage me to carry on and not stop, to lift me up when I have fallen (again!), to provide me with the calm assurance that I am not alone. You love me more than I’ll ever be able to grasp and I can rest in that irrefutable reality!

All praise to You, and You alone, almighty God!

So, Lord, let us be at it. You and me, again this day moving ever forward. Guide my steps. Direct my thoughts. The past is ahead the future is before us. Onward and upward we go – hand in hand. Amen

Nov 15th, Tues, 5:29 am

Who Am I?

Father, it has been a bumpy last few days, so much so that I have spent them in prayer instead of writing. Though prayer is a regular part of our time together, sometimes I need more of it. Thank You for listening, for disciplining me and most of all for Your love and patience.

Hebrews 10:19-25 (<<click here)

Lord, You of all people know that I am not perfect – none of us are. We all struggle with things that we wish we hadn’t thought or said or done. We are all guilty. It is pretty much a daily occurrence that I must come before You seeking forgiveness. And so many times throughout that day, Holy Spirit, You help me ward off attacks that could lead me to sin. I am so undeserving and so grateful.

If I really think about it, it can be daunting to “go right into the presence of God” – who am I to do such a thing. In and of myself I am unworthy, but I “can boldly enter Heaven’s Most Holy Place” only “because of the blood of Jesus.” And as it says in verse 22, we can “go right into the presence of God…for our guilty consciences have been sprinkled with Christ’s blood to make us clean…”

Lord Jesus, all I can say is, “Who am I?”

Apr 13th, Wed, 6:27am