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Father, today I give myself to You as a “living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to [You].” And as Paul proclaims, this is my “true and proper worship.” Romans 12:1 May I heed Your calling and direction throughout this day. Amen.

2 Peter 1:4 (<<click here)

As I read this passage, Lord, I realize I know this but it is good to be reminded that I know it. if I honestly look at myself from a spiritual perspective, I am utterly helpless. As verse 3 states, it is only by Your “divine power” that I can live a “godly life.” Only because You so graciously “share [Your] divine nature” can I “escape the world’s corruption caused by human desires.”

In reality, it goes against everything we are taught in our society. We are taught to be independent but in our relationship with You, we must be dependent upon You. Even with years of experience, without You, I cannot stand against the onslaught of sin – even for a relatively short period of time. Without my hand firmly place in Yours, sin will trip me up every time.

A majority of the time I truly want to stand tall and not yield but my “human desires” to readily get the upper hand. Too often I think “Why didn’t I say ‘no’?” after I have already said “yes” and acted out the “yes” instead of the “no”. Only by sharing in Your “divine nature”, only by Your “divine power”, only by being dependent upon You – only then can I succeed. Being in a relationship with You can I be victorious.

Without the intervention of more mature individuals, infant humans would be doomed. They cannot care for themselves. They cannot feed themselves, or clothe themselves, or protect themselves – they are totally helpless. To thrive and survive they are dependent on the help of others to provide for them.

Lord, I admit I am dependent upon You. I am incapable of surviving, much less thriving, without You. I willing give myself to You.

Mar 7th, Tues, 6:18 am

More than Conquerors

As we come together this morning, Father, may I be focused on you and attentive to Your words…and may that be the case not just here and now but throughout our day together. Amen.

Hebrews 9:1-15 (<<click here)

Lord, for my mind to wrap itself around this passage I need to go back to the very beginning. Adam and Eve were very clearly told, in fact it explicitly states in Genesis 2:16-17,

“But the Lord God warned him, ‘You may freely eat the fruit of every tree in the garden – except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. If you eat its fruit, you are sure to die.’”

They disobeyed and sin entered the world and according to God’s word, being irrevocably true, with sin came death. Paul’s statement in Romans 6:23 makes it clear. “For the wages of sin is death…” So for Adam and Eve’s sin to be forgiven death was required. Their death was not instantaneous but blood had to be shed. To cover their new found nakedness blood was shed – a life was sacrificed – and so it began.

So for thousands of years because sin was inevitable (and will be until Christ returns) life – blood – was forfeit for forgiveness. And that was the case still when Jesus first came to live amongst us.

Over time God set up a structured system by which sins could be forgiven. It may have provided the necessary forgiveness but it dealt basically in the realm of the physical and ceremonial. By its very nature it could not get to the core of the problem – the conscience. And there was no permanence to it – every time they sinned another sacrifice was needed. In addition every year it was necessary to offer a sacrifice for the community as a whole.

But in God’s timing Jesus came to live amongst us. He became the perfect, once and for all, sacrifice. And His sacrifice went way beyond the ceremonial and physical – it went to the very core of our being. His blood not only covers us but His very presence fills us. The conscience can be brought under control.

Lord Jesus, thank You for all You do. We no longer need live defeated lives. In You we are victorious, “In You we are more than conquerors. Romans 8:37 NIV

Apr 5th, Tue, 6:45am

A band that I really like is Rend Collective – here’s a great song by them if you’d like to check it out!

A Clogged Artery in the Body of Christ

Father, this has been a crazy week and I have missed coming together. I am grateful for Your presence and for the times we have had to converse. Help me, this week, to be able to spend more time with You, for when I do so my life is more solidly anchored in You.

2 Timothy 3:5 (<<click here)

“…act religious…reject the power…”

As I have read and worked through the first part of this chapter, Lord, this particular verse has brought to my mind images of someone who was maliciously religious – someone who was manipulative and deceitful. And that may be the case many times. But there are other applications. Looking back over my own life, I see myself as guilty, too. I sit here and I am trying to rationalize my actions – trying to set myself apart. But in many ways it is only a matter of degrees by which I can separate myself. I realize that there are those whose goal is to use religion as a means to power, wealth and control, including using You, Lord, only to achieve their agenda. But sin is sin, right?

I must admit that I struggle – we all struggle. I truly strive each and every day to seek Your face and to abide in Your will, Lord. But how many times have I attempted to accomplish that in my own strength…in essence rejecting Your power. Living that way is failure – it is defeat. In and of myself I will fall. Only when I trust in You, only when I live in Your strength and power can I be victorious.

It comes to mind, too, that in my own “power” I block myself off from what You can do through me- I block other people’s views of You by standing in their line of sight. I guess I’m sort of like a clogged artery in the body of Christ. Your love can get through some but I would let You clean me out, how much more of Your life giving blood could get through to those who so desperately need it.

Lord, I am sorry that I try to live in my own power too often. I acknowledge that You are at work in my life and that in later years of my life I am submitting myself more and more to Your power. I see Your hand at work. Draw me closer to Your side so that I can be used by You to accomplish Your will, to touch people for You. Amen.

Dec 6th, Sun, 6:13 am

Cannot Be Chained!

Father, thank You for the ability to get so much done yesterday. Preparations for Sunday are almost complete. I would ask that I and everyone that will be in attendance would be open to hear Your voice, to listen to what You have to say and to act as You call each of us.

2 Timothy 2:8-10 (<<click here)

Lord, in this passage Paul once again proclaims the Gospel – the Good News – that You came to this earth to set things right.

You came to make it possible for humanity and God to be in right relationship – to tear down the wall of sin that separates us. And only because You gave Yourself in Your entirety – giving Your very life! – was this accomplished. Praise Your name!!

Paul may have been in chains for his proclamation but he made it very clear that the word of God cannot be chained.” v9b Humanity tries to control it, tries to tie it down, tries to limit it, to box it in. But, praise to Your, O Lord, it “cannot be chained”! We have fought against Your word from day one, but it has never been conquered. You and You alone, have been victorious. And because of it humanity has found its salvation – only in You!

Thank You, Lord, for loving us in spite of who we are. Thank You for believing in us and seeing who we were meant to be. Thank You for sharing with us Your strength and wisdom and tenacity so that we, too, can be victorious! AMEN!

Nov 6th, Fri, 5:48 am

I Have Issues!

Father, as this day begins, I want to consciously hand it over to You. You have truly – miraculously – changed many things in me for the better. But we both know that You are not finished with me. Father, please help me be the person You want me to be. My brain cannot process all the why’s in regards to my anger issues but Father, You and I know they need to be dealt with! I am incapable of dealing with them but, Father, You are not! Help me address them and help me to love others as You do. Amen.

1 Timothy 1:15-17 (<<click here)

Lord, it was difficult writing out today’s prayer. None of us like to announce, “I have issues!” But as Paul proclaims in v.15, “This is a trustworthy saying, and everyone should accept it: ‘Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners’- and I am the worst of them all.” And I like Paul, can say, “But God had mercy on me…” v.16a

I am, by no means, perfect. I truly strive to be obedient to Your call on my life as a follower of You, Lord. But it is no secret that I fail. I say things I shouldn’t say – hurtful things. I do things I shouldn’t do – my anger spews forth and I don’t stop it. I think things unbecoming a child of God – perverse things, hateful things. “But God had mercy on me so that Christ Jesus could use me as a prime example of his great patience with even the worst sinners. Then others will realize that they, too, can believe in him and receive eternal life.” v.16

“Great patience…” O, Lord, where would I be without Your “great patience.” Once again I join Paul in proclaiming “All honor and glory to God forever and ever!… Amen.” v.17

Without You I would surely be lost. Only because of You am I found. Yes, I most assuredly have a multitude of things to work on but, thanks be to God, I’m not on my own! Lord, You are with me, You love me more than I will ever truly comprehend on this side of eternity and You, the Creator of all that is, You want me to succeed! I will be victorious!…but only because of You. Amen!

August 25th, Tue, 5:57 am