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Do You Love Me More than These?

Father, there is a full week ahead and I willingly acknowledge my dependence upon You on getting me through it. Only with Your strength, wisdom, and love coursing through me can I have the greatest impact on the world around me. Amen.

Lord, in the middle of the night a song came to mind and then again when I awoke this morning. It is entitled, “Lovest Thou Me More than These.” It is a beautiful song but more important is the fact that it is based on words You spoke to Peter after Your resurrection.

Of course, prior to Your crucifixion, Peter denied You three times. You knew it would happen but even through You have forewarned him and he proclaimed his dedication, he still fell and fell hard. He did exactly what he said he would never do.

After Your resurrection, even with all his interaction with You, he was still a broken man. John 21:15-17 tells of Your conversation with him in which he reaffirmed his love for You. He accepts Your forgiveness and with the Holy Spirit’s infilling shortly afterward he becomes a foundational stone – a rock (Peter means rock) – upon which Your Church is built.

The song title and proceeding verses address Your question to Peter, and inevitably to us, “do you love me more than these?”

As I read the lyrics to the song, Lord, may my testimony be “I love the more than this old world could offer, all sinful follies I deny for Thee, my life, my all, I pledge Thee. I love thee Lord, more than these.”

Lovest Thou Me (More Than These?) (<<click here to listen to it)

Lovest thou me, lovest thou me, more than these?
Modern times have brought us many blessings
People live in wealth and luxury
But the Master asks this question
Lovest thou me, lovest thou me, more than these?

I love Thee more than this old world could offer
All sinful follies I deny for Thee
My love, my life, my all, I pledge Thee
I love thee Lord, I love thee Lord, more than these
More than these


Lovest thou me, more than these my child?
What will, will your answer be?
Oh precious Lord, I love Thee more than all of these
More than fame
More than wealth
More than the world
More than fame
More than wealth
More than the world

Words and Music by William J. Gaither

May 1st, Mon, 6:38 am

Mr. Fezziwig

Father, thank You for yesterday’s many blessings. I had a wonderful day with Karen. Thank you for watching over us and getting us safely home.

James 5:1-6 (<<click here)

After reading this passage and readying myself to write, two characters popped in my head – Scrooge and Fezziwig. These two beloved personalities from Charles Dickens’, A Christmas Carol, for me, flesh out what the scripture is saying.

Lord, in and of itself, there is nothing inherently wrong with money or wealth. As with many things in life it has a lot to do with balance. And we cannot lose sight of Your commands. If we love You with the entirety of our being and we love others as ourselves, there will be balance.

I don’t believe Fezziwig was exorbitantly wealthy but he surely was a man of some means. He was wise in his use of his wealth but he was not self-absorbed. His love for others is evident. He controlled his wealth but his wealth did not control him.

Paul writes in 1 Timothy 6:10, “For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.” Money is not evil; the love of money is where trouble can begin. Our attitude toward money is the problem, not the money itself.

Lord, help me to be wise in my use of the many blessings You have given me. May I be able to provide for myself and my family  – may our needs be met. But may I also be generous with others as You have been generous with me. May my love for You and others be the driving force in all I do. Amen.

Oct 2nd, Sun, 5:47 am

Leave It All Behind

Lots of things traipsing through my mind this morning, Father, but I am glad that I can sit with You and that You can pierce through it all. Help me to zero in on what You have for me today. Love You…

Hebrews 11:24-28 (<<click here)

It is interesting, Lord, to think back to Moses’ early years and decisions he made in the light of our cultural mindset. Because he was taken in and raised by Pharaohs’ daughter as a baby, there was literally nothing that was not at his beck and call. But as he grew he saw who he really was – he saw Whose he was – and he turned his back no it all – wealth, power, control, prestige, ease.

I’m sure many today would think that he had lost his mind. He had everything the world strives for and walked away from it all. His focus was higher – his focus was You. What must have gone through his mind as he led the Israelites through the wilderness and all that they longed for was what little they had left behind in Egypt – cucumbers, leeks and fish? And they fought and rebelled against Moses and God because they wanted it so badly. I’m sure more than once Moses thought how foolish they were. He probably wanted to grab them by the shoulders and get in their face and yell, “What in the world are you thinking?! You hardly had a fraction of what I had and you yearn for it. But it is all worth nothing! God has freed You! You are no longer slaves. We are heading to a land that we can call our own. And God, our Father, will go before us. Our every need is met. “What are you thinking?!”

And, Lord, are we any different? We are so blinded by what we want…and it is empty, it is shallow and it will only satisfy us for a short time – then we will want something else. And that’s what we get with an earthly mindset. Here and now is our focus. But here and now is so quickly come and gone. Lord, may I keep my focus on You and help me to be able to encourage others to do the same. True fulfillment, true peace and satisfaction and love is only found in a relationship with You. Amen.

May 20th, Fri, 5:50 am

You Can’t Take It with You

Father, as this day begins my thoughts go towards what it will entail. First, I know I will be a part of two wonderful groups of people. I pray that we will truly worship You in Spirit and truth. May we come together with the expectation of coming into Your presence and eagerly learning from You and being determined to apply what we have learned to our lives. Secondly, Father I would ask that You would be with me and Karen in whatever we decide to do. Help us to cherish our time together and to love each other more and more.

1 Timothy 6:6-10 (<<click here)

One of the most alluring things (and quite often one of the most elusive) in life is wealth. Some are content with little; others are not content with much. Our culture has an insatiable desire for “stuff” and to get it they must have wealth – and many pursue the acquisition of said wealth by whatever means necessary.

Lord, it’s a struggle! We all want our needs met but where do we draw the line? How much is enough? When does our “enough” cross the line over to too much? Lord, help me to find contentment with what I have. Help me to be wise in how I use what You have given me, so my needs will be met and that I can give to others in need, as well. Help me to control the wealth in my life and for it not to control me. Help me to obsess over what is truly important – my relationship with You and how that in turn impacts my relationship with others. Then may I not obsess over what is “here today and gone tomorrow.” “After all, we brought nothing with us when we came into the world, and we can’t take anything with us when we leave it” v.7

Sept 27th, Sun, 6:26 am