Needed in the Trenches

Father I sure didn’t like missing our time together the last couple of days. But I do thank You for better sleep last night even with a couple of interruptions. (I do pray for the little girl that was abducted late last night.) Help this to be a good day – good in that I will let my light shine for You in how I live and interact with others.

Philippians 2:1-11

Lord, as I live out my life in relationship with You, may I become more and more like You each and every day. Enable me to sacrificially give of myself in serving others. My work, even my work of the church will get done. Please help me to balance it out with hands on ministry to people. Regularly I proclaim that as Your followers that our living that out has to involve more than the hour a week that we spend together behind those four walls. Part of that is daily spending time with You and I am so grateful for our time together but I truly believe that I am also called to minister physically to those in need. No more excuses about lack of time, I must set aside time. Time is there, it boils down to how I use it. You need me to be Your hands and I can’t do that from home. Yes, You can and have used me via text and phone but You need me in the trenches as well. Prompt me to do so and help me to heed Your call!  Thank You for Your love and direction!!

May 18th, Mon, 6:00 am


Life in a Bubble

Father, help me to make the most of our time together this morning. As I open Your word, speak to me. I open my heart and mind to You. (Sorry for the FB tangent…You’ve got my undivided attention now.)

Philippians 1:27-30

Unity – standing strong – spread the Good News – not intimidated by enemies – persevere in struggles

(This is why Facebook and replying to texts [even from Mom] need to wait – my brain is rolling but not in the right direction!)

I know I’ve had struggles but looking back on them even all the pastoral transitions seem so small. Sometimes it seems that I’ve lived in a bubble. I’m not complaining whatsoever, Lord. You have surely blessed me and my family.  Help us all to never forget where those blessings have come from. We didn’t earn it, we didn’t deserve it. It wasn’t a reward for perfection (for we surely aren’t!) All the praise goes to You, Lord! Thank you for Your watch-care and Love!

I realize that this morning I got distracted and didn’t listen when You called to come together (forgive me) but I am grateful that You spoke yesterday and You enabled me to respond and act. Thank You for the privilege of praying with and encouraging a gentlemen from church in so much pain (please touch him, Lord!) and for encouraging me to speak with a friend at work (help her to come to You to stand strong in You, to defeat the enemy of pain and hurt and the struggles of life so big for a lady her age. Touch her today, Lord, let her know of Your love and care in a tangible way.)

Help me to be more attuned to You each and every day!  Love You!!

May 15th, Fri, 7:50 am


Why Don’t You Call Me Home?

Good morning, Father!  Thank you for a good night’s sleep (I wasn’t up even once) and my shoulder isn’t aching at all. Praise You for this beautiful day!

Philippians 1:20-26

Lord, I pray that throughout my life that I would have the perspective of Paul, torn between joining You (i.e. leaving this earth, it’s hardship and heartache) and staying here to lift up and encourage people on their journey with You.

Reading this passage I cannot help but think of wonderful followers of You who at the end of their earthly lives were so overwhelmed by physical adversity that their only desire was to leave this earth and join You. I could never think poorly of them for they were pillars of faith, mentors, individuals who taught me much of You and things I do in following You I gleaned from their influence (Grandma Provance and Rev. Tom Lasley). But they despaired and questioned why You let them linger here – why You didn’t call them home. You had Your holy reasons and I am sure You understood their responses. It makes me cry even now to thing of their heartache in their last days!

Lord, You know my heart and You surely know my love for them. Help me continue to embrace their great love for You and how they strove to serve You and talked with You for they loved You dearly but I would ask that my heart’s desire, regardless of what would happen to my body or mind – and only You know the possibilities – would be that You would grow me to the point that I would give up being with You, and all that means, so that I could encourage one more person in their walk with You, would say one more prayer lifting up the down-trodden that they would persevere and overcome by standing faithfully by Your side.

I pray here and now that You would give me a heart for the lost, that I would be constrained to have the heart and soul of Pastor Rick Warren’s dad whose final breaths on this earth were “Got to save one more for Jesus!” over and over again! Lord, please give me Your heart, Your love for Your world! At this point it is not me – forgive me! I plead for Your courage to speak exactly what needs spoken!  I plead for Your tenacity to never give up on people but to be persistent in pursuing them for Your glory!

“Open My Eyes that I may see!” what You see!  Feel what You feel!  And act as you would act! Help this to become my overwhelming desire. “Mold me, make me, fill me, use me!” Praise and glory to Your Holy Name!

May 14th, Thurs, 6:55 am

Highlighting the Stink on Me

Father, thank You for answering my prayer. Putting off our time together this morning was not wise on my part. Thank You for making it uncomfortable for me – sort of like being “fidgety” mentally. (haha) I surely don’t need to start getting out of this habit. Once again ALL the praise goes to You!

Philippians 1:12-19

Many times I have felt that my time at Kohl’s has been an imprisonment. Lord, forgive me for my bad attitude, fussing and fuming. I do realize that You have placed me there for a reason. Also, I would ask that you forgive me for the many times that I haven’t lived up to Your expectations of me while serving there. As Paul found great joy in his literal imprisonment, help me to do the same in mine, such that it is. Sour attitudes bring no light on You, they just highlight the stink on me. Please, help me to get rid of the stink and to take on the “pleasing aroma of Christ” (2 Corinthians 2:15) to those around me. My prayer is that You will use me to draw others to Your saving grace. Zip my lip if what I’m going to spit out is going to soil how people see You.

May 13th, Wed, 12:00 pm


When My Best Isn’t Good Enough (re-posted)

A post from missionary friends of mine: When My Best Isn’t Good Enough

I know Ben and Katherine from my time serving the Lakeholm Church of the Nazarene in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. Katherine grew up there (her father is a professor at Mt. Vernon Nazarene University) and Ben attended when his family was on furlough from their missionary service in Papua New Guinea (his father is the chief surgeon at their station). Both Ben and Katherine are doctors and have given their lives to missions, serving with their two beautiful little boys since the beginning of this year.

Doing it right for once.