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Father, it has been ten days since we have sat down like this together. Taking some time to be with Massey, as well as, the Texas Youghs was wonderful! We had the opportunity to see and experience lots of things together. I truly cherish the time I get to spend with family.

Father, I cherish my time with You as well. And even though sitting down with You each morning wasn’t a part of the last few days routine, we have been together. I didn’t take a vacation from You. What a precious opportunity to have Your presence with me throughout each day, Holy Spirit! You guided my steps, You directed my thoughts. You enabled me to stand true to You. I may have left my home and routine for a few days but I didn’t leave You and I had the blessed assurance You’re not leaving me , as well. Thank You, Lord, for Your great love and for watching over me and my family…

I’ve enjoyed my time away, Lord, but it’s now time to step back into the routine. Help me in this day to be who You need me to be – to stand as a lighthouse in a dark and stormy world. May all lovers of You do so today. There seems to be more evil each day and we are desperately needed. May we humbly walk with You. I acknowledge that You are our only hope. Without You in our lives everything we touch is doomed to failure. Fulfillment is found only in You. Amen – so be it!

July 8th, Fri, 6:33 am

Love of Money

This is a big day, Father, things to be wrapped up this morning then a drive to the airport as we head out to see our boy! Be with us as we travel. Please, keep us safe. Lay Your hand upon our shoulders that we follow Your leading each day; that though we are away for some time off that we would continue to attune ourselves to how You would have us live. Fill us with love, may we be considerate, may we be compassionate. May the children shine forth their Father’s influence and do You proud.

Hebrews 13:5-6 (<<click here)

Lord, I think our tendency is to play these concepts down. If someone were to ask me if I loved money, I would say, “no.” I just want to make sure our needs are met for the here and now and to assure that we can make it when we can no longer punch the time clock, I wouldn’t say I loved money… but I am quite fond of security. Are they the same thing? Maybe not technically but it’s sure easy for them to control my life.

A lot of it has to do with our attitude about it all. Am I so intent concerning my security that I care little about the needs of others? Am I so diligent in securing my future that I neglect to put my faith in God’s ability to meet my needs? And even if I do trust You to meet those needs, am I not really satisfied with what I receive. “Oh, God, I wanted the green one not the red one!” We can be pretty shallow and selfish.

Lord, help me to trust You more. As Your Word says, You “own the cattle on a thousand hills.” Psalm 50:10 And as I am well aware that is a very all-encompassing statement. There is absolutely, no need that You cannot meet. Help me to be diligent in my labors and enable me to be a good steward with the resources You have so generously bestowed. May I be “satisfied with what I have.” vs.5

June 28th, Tue, 5:17 am

Honor Marriage

Father, there are so many crazy, alarming things happening across the world. And for the most part I cannot do one thing about them. The one thing I can do I will do. I will continue to acknowledge Your lordship over it all. I will pray that Your will would be done and that people would see that hope and security is found only in You.

Hebrews 13:4 (<<click here)

“Give honor to marriage…”

In an “all about me” culture this is a great challenge. Our overwhelming tendency is to look out only for ourselves and if it isn’t too inconvenient we’ll look out for others as well… maybe.

Lord, I truly believe that one of clearest testimonies of how Your love works is a strong marriage based on You. Karen and I have our struggles but overall I’d say we have a solid, loving relationship. I believe we strive to think of the other. We care for each other. We pray for each other. We encourage one another. Sure we’ve gone through hard times, we’ve said and done stupid, hurtful things but we have also sought out and extended forgiveness – with You and each other.

As with all things on this side of eternity, the key to a successful marriage is to acknowledge the fact that we, in and of ourselves, cannot do it. We must include You in the equation. Only in giving ourselves over to You can we give ourselves over to each other.

Lord, help me to continue deepening my relationship with You. Help me to continue deepening my relationship with Karen. May we as individuals and a couple be all You want us to be. Amen.

June 24th, Fri, 6:20 am


Father, help me this day to focus on the important things at hand. Too often I go off on tangents and though, in and of themselves there’s nothing wrong with them, I don’t accomplish what I need to. Holy Spirit be with me. Enable me to listen – and focus – Amen

Mathew 5:21-22 (<<click here)

Why is anger so prevalent in my mind? There are many areas in my life that I am in control of – for the most part. But anger? …not so much. It’s very unusual; in fact it’s highly unlikely, that I would lash out in a face to face situation. But when no one’s around…we’ve got a whole other ballgame. I’m sure a good part of it is a genetic propensity. It may be my natural leaning but it’s not good – not good for me spiritually or emotionally. It doesn’t help build up my relationship with Karen either. Lord, you’ve really helped me there. I am grateful – so grateful – that it is rare anymore that she is the focus of my anger. But quite often she is with me when I go off.

I struggle in a few places but my biggest struggle, by far, is behind the wheel. Encapsulated road rage would describe it best. I don’t use gestures, laying on the horn doesn’t happen too often but my mouth? There is very little control there! Now I don’t curse but words like “idiot”, “fool”, “stupid” and “ignoramus” occur quite often. And the way I use them, they might as well be…

Lord, pretty much You equate anger with murder. If my words were torpedoes, my route to and from work each day would be strewn with bodies. Lord, forgive me…I am guilty. And sad to say, I am addicted to it. Anger doesn’t give me a “high” but it is a knee-jerk response. Oh, Lord, help me! I am utterly incapable of conquering this evil on my own. I need You! Holy Spirit help me I pray! Help me eradicate whatever is at the root of this. I give myself over to Your loving wisdom and power.

Amen – so be it!

June 23rd, Thurs, 6:44 am

God’s Love

We love because, Father, You loved us first (I John 4:19). If we don’t love we don’t know You because, Father, You are love (I John 4:8) “Even before You made the world, You loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in Your eyes…” (Ephesians 1:4). Before I even realized it, much less, acknowledged it. You loved…me. I had done nothing to cause You to love me. You just loved me…for me.

And it works the other way, too. There is nothing I can do to make You not love me. Even at the final judgment, those who are cast into the darkness of Hell will be sent there not because You have ceased loving them but only because they rejected Your love. Your love endures forever (Psalm 136). Love, Your love never fails (1 Corinthians 13:8).

Father, enable me to grasp the ramifications of Your love more and more each day. May it so fill my heart, mind and so that it influences every action, every thought.

June 22nd, Wed, 7:06 am

Doing it right for once.