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Seeing Through Your Eyes

Father, this morning, as I think back over the past few months, I once again acknowledge that I owe everything I am to You. This time that we have together was at one point only something I longed for, then it became something with which I struggled. Only because of You was I able to overcome things that were holding me back, things that were constantly entangling me! Thank You, Father! Life is not perfect, I still have my struggles but it is different now. In Your strength alone am I victorious. Praise Your holy Name!

Colossians 4:3-4 (<<click to read the passage)

Lord, You would think that being Your follower for all these years, that being a minister for so long, that this would be a normal activity in my life – but it isn’t. There may be factors but for too long they were basically just excuses…

In these verses, Paul asks that the Colossians pray that God will give he and those with him many opportunities to share God’s “mysterious” plan concerning Christ. His objective was to make sure that it was no longer a mystery for he wanted all to realize Christ’s Good News of salvation from sin. He then asks for prayer that he will proclaim this Good News as clearly as he should.

Lord Jesus, You have been working with me in this area. On this front, I am still a newbie but You are patiently working with me. Please forgive my failings to take advantage of opportunities given – my hesitancy, as well. Please continue to bolster my confidence in You. In my own strength and wisdom, I am doomed to failure! Only through Your strength and wisdom will success be found! I would ask that more and more I would see others as You see them. I know You are at work in my life. When my preconceived mindsets kick in I feel You pulling up on the reigns and You encourage me to stop and think. Then help me to act as You would act.

Thank You for the opportunity and the courage to act this past week at work. I did not know the gentleman in our break room, I had seen him before but had not spoken to him. When he sat down and began to eat, I really didn’t think much about it, but as time passed I believe You allowed me to see him through Your eyes. He said nothing but he communicated despair, heartache, loneliness. He did not weep but the way he touched his face and combed his fingers through his thinning hair spoke to me; seeing what You saw almost brought me to tears! And then You clearly spoke to me and boy did I struggle! You said, “Speak to him.” My mind raced! There are other peoples in here – what would they think, what am I supposed to say?! ‘Hey, you look like you’re in despair. Want to talk?” I tried to fend it off but You pushed on.  I packed up my things and put them away and before I left, I sat across from him and introduced myself. He was a men’s clothing rep who was in the store regularly. I shared my appreciation for reps and all they do and that was it. I broke the ice – I had made contact. It scared me to death but Lord, You helped me! Afterward, I sincerely prayed that I would see him again, soon, and that You will use me to touch him. Lord, help me to “proclaim [Your] message as clearly as I should” with him and others You bring my way.

Thank You, Lord, for Your loving patience!

July 3, 2015, Fri 5:27 am

This video does a great job of communicating this mindset!

Wait Patiently

I am sorry, Father, that it has taken me longer to get here today. I have allowed lots of things to distract me and now my mind is distracted as I sit here. I implore You to take the little I bring this morning and abundantly multiply for Your glory.

Hebrews 6:13-15 (<<click to read the passage)

“…Abraham waited patiently and he received what God had promised.”

Patience may be a virtue but, at least for most of us, it does not come easily. Some things can give us instant gratification – a peppermint candy or a quick kiss from someone we love. But other things seem like they will never come – the end of a school for a teacher or Christmas for a child.

But what about God’s promises? Several years ago when I was a children’s pastor we had a guest speaker and he shared with the kids that God can answer our prayers in three ways – with a “YES”, or “NO’ or a “WAIT.” A WAIT?  – now that’s a struggle! And adults struggle just as much as kids do.

Lord, sitting here I have no profound thoughts. What I do know is that You are faithful. For over 50 years You have taken care of me. You have never let me down. You’ve never forsaken me. You’ve never given up on me either. My faith in You is well founded. If I have to wait on You, I will do so patiently. You know what’s best.

Mar 17th,  2016, Thurs, 8:44 am

Nothing Is Impossible

Father, I realize that I can complain and be ungrateful about where I work but if I sit back and really look at where I find myself, I am truly blessed. Yesterday, as I experienced my first time of processing an inbound truck I had the privilege of seeing many of my compatriots working together in a well-orchestrated feat. Each person doing what needed to be done in (at least from my perspective) perfect synchronization AND having fun together at the same time. Thank You, Father, for the privilege of it all.

Matthew 15:29-31 (<<click the green)

In this translation, it all comes down to one paragraph with 6 sentences and 78 words. Not much, right? But look at what happened! Once Jesus seated himself on a hill it tells us that a “vast crowd“ brought him…well, they brought him another vast crowd!  But the second crowd consisted not just of family, friends, and acquaintances. No, this second group was made of those with a multitude of needs. They were “lame, blind, crippled, those who couldn’t speak, and many others.”

No specifics, no names, no shared words – just action! If you don’t believe the statement that nothing is impossible with God then read that paragraph through again! Every single need that was brought before Jesus was met. There is absolutely nothing that we cannot bring to Him! Nothing is too big or too small.

Lord, help us to give all of our needs over to You. We must keep In mind that Your answer may be a “yes” but it could be a “no” or a “wait”. Grant us patience. Grant us peace. Amen.

May 24th, 2018, Thurs, 6:54 am

Band-Aids Don’t Fix Everything

Looking outside in the predawn hours and seeing the snow that came in last night makes me think of Your love, Father – everything is covered, nothing is untouched. Thank You for the beautiful scenery and the wonderful thought!

Matthew 7:3-5 (<<click the green)

I know I looked at this passage yesterday but even lying in bed last night I continued to mull it over. My mind fixated on the depth of the sneer and the surface nature of the smudge. In our lives, Lord, it surely takes more than a washcloth to wipe off something that goes to the depths of our hearts.

Sitting here writing, another post comes to mind – King of the Mountain – from last week. Probably one reason my kindergarten experience comes to mind is that I still have a scar from that experience. The incline on which we played was actually the top of a ditch on the edge of the church lot where we went to school. In those days pop (soda for all those not from West Virginia 🙂 ) was packaged in glass bottles and not aluminum cans. A few bottles had made their way into the ditch where they had broken. Anyway…I was shoved into the ditch by the new “king” and in the process, my shin landed on a glass shard. My teacher tried her best to stop the blood flow with Band-Aids but they just ran down my leg. It was not crazy serious but it did keep me out of school for a couple of days.

Now my injury from King of the Mountain wasn’t necessarily life-threatening…but, Lord, sin most assuredly is. And me trying to cover the depth of my “sneer” with a mask is much more detrimental to my spiritual well-being than a simple Band-Aid on a deep cut.

Lord, I would pray for Christians everywhere. Not one of us lives a perfect life. We all struggle to live the lives You have set before us. With Your strength and wisdom and, yes, we must tap into Your patience as well, may we be the overcomers You have destined us to be. Amen.

Feb 5th, 2018, Mon, 6:50 am

I Have Issues!

Father, as this day begins, I want to consciously hand it over to You. You have truly – miraculously – changed many things in me for the better. But we both know that You are not finished with me. Father, please help me be the person You want me to be. My brain cannot process all the why’s in regards to my anger issues but Father, You and I know they need to be dealt with! I am incapable of dealing with them but, Father, You are not! Help me address them and help me to love others as You do. Amen.

1 Timothy 1:15-17 (<<click here)

Lord, it was difficult writing out today’s prayer. None of us like to announce, “I have issues!” But as Paul proclaims in v.15, “This is a trustworthy saying, and everyone should accept it: ‘Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners’- and I am the worst of them all.” And I like Paul, can say, “But God had mercy on me…” v.16a

I am, by no means, perfect. I truly strive to be obedient to Your call on my life as a follower of You, Lord. But it is no secret that I fail. I say things I shouldn’t say – hurtful things. I do things I shouldn’t do – my anger spews forth and I don’t stop it. I think things unbecoming a child of God – perverse things, hateful things. “But God had mercy on me so that Christ Jesus could use me as a prime example of his great patience with even the worst sinners. Then others will realize that they, too, can believe in him and receive eternal life.” v.16

“Great patience…” O, Lord, where would I be without Your “great patience.” Once again I join Paul in proclaiming “All honor and glory to God forever and ever!… Amen.” v.17

Without You, I would surely be lost. Only because of You am I found. Yes, I most assuredly have a multitude of things to work on but, thanks be to God, I’m not on my own! Lord, You are with me, You love me more than I will ever truly comprehend on this side of eternity and You, the Creator of all that is, You want me to succeed! I will be victorious!…but only because of You. Amen!

August 25th,  2015, Tue, 5:57 am