Going through the Backpack

Thank You, Father, for the wonderful day yesterday. Even the constant rain could not dampen our spirits! Thank You for Your presence in worship and watching over us as we spent some family time together. We are truly blessed!

Hebrews 6:1-3 (<<click here)

Lord, when we were in school and had a big test we didn’t spend our test time going through our backpacks. We took the knowledge we had and applied it.

When it comes to You and Your Word there comes a time when we have to stop rummaging about and start applying it. We either know it or we don’t, more studying isn’t going to help, leafing through the textbook to review what we already know is counterproductive. We must move forward. We’ve got to get what we’ve learned out. It’s the best way to see if we’ve got it down.

Lord, I have sat at Your feet for many years. I realize that there is a lot yet to learn but there are many things that I have learned that simply need to be lived out. Every day there are a multitude of opportunities to show the world Who I know and because of that relationship I can impact those around me by responding, not as the world does, but as You do. I can live my life with joy… and peace… and love… and patience – things of which the world sees way too little.

Lord, give me the wisdom to know what to say and do when I need to say and do. Fill me with Your presence so You can touch the world through me.

Mar 14th, Mon, 5:21 am