Spoken into Reality!

Getting up in the middle of a raging storm, Father is quite exhilarating! Your might displayed in Your creation is worthy of praise!

Hebrews 11:2-3 (<<click here)

Lord, today’s verses point again to Your power in creation! There was nothing…then there was everything – all because of Your command. You speak and wondrous things happen!

And we’re not just saying You spoke and someone wrote down Your words or drew a simple picture – some two dimensional depiction. When You spoke our universe and everything in it came to be in all of its intricate detail! That which was “formless and empty” Genesis 1:2 took form and was full of life and beauty beyond description! It was not happenstance; it was deliberately thought out and meticulously spoken into reality!

Since this universe, in all its splendor, came about because of the power of Your Word, Lord, what can I be and do when You speak to and through me?! “Nothing is impossible with You.” Matthew 19:26 We may not think we are worth very much but when we, in faith, believe Your Word in regard to ourselves – anything can happen!

Apr 26, Tues, 5:44 am