Redolent of Your Fragrance!

Father, boy was it rough getting up this morning – the yard work I did after supper definitely took its toll! I’m moving a little slower than usual but I am here and ready to hear what You have for me today.

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy the collection of Puritan prayers loaned to me? Lord, You use many things to speak to me, to make me think, to teach me.

Today’s prayer was addressed specifically to the Holy Spirit.

O Holy Spirit,
As the sun is full of light,
The ocean full of water,
Heaven full of glory,
so may my heart be full of thee…
… and make me redolent of thy fragrance.

I had to Google a word in that last line and it’s a good one – redolent. Its definition: strongly reminiscent or suggestive of (something). Holy Spirit may my heart be full of You and make me redolent of Your fragrance – that is my plea for the rest of my life. For me to live for You I must remain full of You. I cannot fill myself with the things this world deems important. It’s like comparing a well-balanced healthy meal to just consuming candy, pop and ice cream. It may taste good in my mouth but I won’t feel so good later and eventually it will kill me. A steady diet of the world cannot satisfy – only You can do that.

And when we are full of You, we cannot help but cast off Your aroma. May everything I say and do be redolent (I love new words!) of You! May the way I live draw others to You.

When Karen puts a roast in the crockpot to cook for the day, by the time supper rolls around the whole house is permeated with the scent of that scrumptious meal! May I be so full of You, Holy Spirit that people have to get a taste!

Aug 26th, Fri, 6:59 am