Don’t Take the Bridge Out!

I’ve come into Your presence
Not knowing where to start
But I know You’re surely with me
Speaking deep within my heart.

May it be so, Father.

James 4:4-5 (<<click here)

Lord, James clearly states that if we are a “friend of the world” that it just doesn’t strain our friendship with You but it makes us an “enemy of God.” That is very strong language. It’s not just a bump in the road in our relationship, being a friend takes the bridge out!

Friends do things together, they talk, they laugh, they travel. They have like thoughts that result in like actions. Because of Adam and Eve’s disobedience, sin entered the world. What, at the point of creation, was wholesome and holy became polluted and defiled. The world has become what we have made it – a place of wickedness, and pain, and hurt, and selfishness. Yet…we are drawn to it. We crawl into bed with it. We indulge in all of its perversities…we are friends.

So it makes sense that if we are “friends of the world” then we are “enemies of God.” Being friends with one makes us diametrically opposed to the other. They cannot be blended.

It’s totally ludicrous but even as Your child, the world still appeals to me. It’s a dead end (literally) but it still catches my eye. It pulls me… but because of Your Spirit, I am able to say “no.” I can turn the other way. I can refuse to accept what my would-be “friend” would offer me. Give me, this day Lord, the strength, and tenacity to cling to You – for only there am I safe and secure.

Sept 20th, Tues, 6:34 am