Best Foot Forward

Father, last night was a little rough but I am ready for this day to begin. I give it to You. Not knowing exactly what it will entail, there is no better place to lay it than in Your mighty hands. Fill me and use me. May I be a blessing to those whom I would come in contact. Amen.

A beautiful word picture from The Valley of Vision before I move forward this morning,

“Give me a broken heart that yet carries home the water of grace.”

1 Peter 2:18-20 (<<click here)

O, Lord, how many times have I complained about my job? Yeah, I’ve lost count… This is definitely a very difficult time of year. Earlier (and later) hours. Boatloads of freight. Thousands of customers – some cheerful, some not so much. Leadership run ragged…run through the mill… dead men (and women) walking. Many try (some succeed) in putting their best foot forward…but it’s tough, to say the least.

Lord, today fill me with You. May I be loving. May I show true compassion. Bless me with an attitude of long-suffering patience, just as You have with me. If my day is extra-bumpy, may I take it all in stride. May I encourage and not discourage May I support and not tear down. Use me this day, Lord, as an ambassador to Your kingdom. Amen.

Dec 12TH, Mon, 5:12 am