Plate Spinners

Father, it was wonderful having Massey home for almost a month! We cherished our time together. But as those times often do, schedules get scrambled. We were up later than usual which usually means we got up later than usual. Thank You, Father, for great moments together and for answered prayers for a safe journey home. As we all step back into normal routines help me to be driven to sitting down and spending time with You, each and every day. Amen.

1 Peter 3:10-12 (<<click here)

Using a quote from Psalm 34 Peter drives home the point of avoiding evil and seeking out peace. As my study Bible* alludes to, finding and maintaining peace is not an easy task. Peace is elusive and even when we do find it, even in the best of circumstances it is a delicate balance to maintain.

The idea of maintaining peace brings to mind entertainers who spin plates on poles. Each plate must be kept spinning or it will fall to the floor and break. One is not such a big deal once you get the hang of it but four? six? a dozen? The Guinness World record is 108! I can’t even imagine!

But how many times is keeping the peace the same challenge? Keeping everybody happy, not rocking the boat, not saying the wrong thing, doing all the right things, not doing the wrong things – it’s maddening! But as Christians, it is part of what we are to do.

Lord, this day may I be the best “plate spinner” possible. May I focus on people today, may I love them as You do. It quite often is a balancing act but may I be a man of peace in a world of craziness. And may I do so with Your wisdom, love, and strength. Amen.

*Live Application Study Bible, New Living Translation

Jan 13th, Fri, 7:09 am