A Passing Shadow

It is early, Father, but there is a wonderful feeling of comfort even lying in bed contemplating our time together. There is no fear, there is no shying away. I am drawn to You. I know it will be a rich time together. I know I am understood – even with all my flaws – and I know I am loved beyond all measure. Increase my understanding of You. Though I realize that, at least on this side of eternity, it will be only the smallest fraction of understanding, it is so worth the effort. Every moment spent with You yields great rewards, helping me to become more and more like You. Bless me, my Father.

In moments of consciousness throughout the night, my mind has lighted on the many different situations in which I find myself. Through many stretches of life I find things running along quite smoothly – no major snags or crisis. But this has not been the case in recent weeks – so many people on so many fronts dealing with so many life changing struggles and heartaches. Lord, I realize that this is not an earth-shattering epiphany but life is fragile.

Just in the last couple of weeks, I have been touched by the lives of those who have lost loved ones – both young and old. I have seen what strokes can do to the lives of family and loved ones. I have sat by the bedside of an individual who was once strong and vibrant and now is unable to move from their bed as they await their final breaths. And those are only a few of the many. Time marches on – it cannot be stopped. We are at its mercy, carried along with no control.

We can surely relate to Job’s statement from time long ago.

“How frail is humanity! How short is life, how full of trouble! We blossom like a flower and then wither. Like a passing shadow, we quickly disappear.” Job 14:1-2

Lord, there are so many things is this life that You give us in which to find pleasure. Yes, there is much pain and sorrow but there is also much joy and love. We also know that while on this earth we may be ruled by time but when our shadows disappear from this earth our everlasting souls will carry on. You are with us here and You await us there and Your gift of salvation assures us of an eternity together.

I seem to be rambling on but my main thought was not the downside of life but, Lord, may I take advantage of all the good that life has to offer. May I love to the fullest. May I take every opportunity to embrace and appreciate others in my life. May I cherish the time we have, though it is fleeting. May I not waste it. May I not look back and regret what I did – or didn’t do – with the time I did have. Amen.

Mar 6th, Mon, 4:58 am