First Love Maintained

Even when things don’t go as planned from my perspective, Father, I leave them in Your hands. Your will will be accomplished regardless of my circumstances. What a mighty God I serve!

Revelation 2:2-5 (<<click green)

Time takes its toll. In life, we can become passionate about many things but over time passion begins to wane. This can be especially true in our relationships with God and others.

Love is not something that maintains its fervor. We must continue to stoke its fire. When we first fall in love, it is easily fueled, but after several years of marriage we have to work at it – and it is well worth the effort! But it is most definitely not self-perpetuating.

The same is true in our relationship with God. When we first accept Christ as our Savior excitement is high. Our gratitude is overflowing. But as time goes by it is easy to forget the intensity of our first love, we must work at it – it has to be maintained.

In this passage, Lord, You commend the Ephesian for sticking to their guns but along the way, they lost something vital – LOVE! Rules and regulations are all well and good – and yes they are vital – but without love in the mix, it takes a nasty turn.

Lord, help me to keep my first love aflame. May I continue to love You with all of my heart, mind, soul, and strength. My love for You must be my motivator – when I do so my love for others will follow. Amen.

June 26th, Mon, 6:46 am