Band-Aids Don’t Fix Everything

Looking outside in the predawn hours and seeing the snow that came in last night makes me think of Your love, Father – everything is covered, nothing is untouched. Thank You for the beautiful scenery and the wonderful thought!

Matthew 7:3-5 (<<click the green)

I know I looked at this passage yesterday but even lying in bed last night I continued to mull it over. My mind fixated on the depth of the sneer and the surface nature of the smudge. In our lives, Lord, it surely takes more than a washcloth to wipe off something that goes to the depths of our hearts.

Sitting here writing, another post comes to mind – King of the Mountain – from last week. Probably one reason my kindergarten experience comes to mind is that I still have a scar from that experience. The incline on which we played was actually the top of a ditch on the edge of the church lot where we went to school. In those days pop (soda for all those not from West Virginia 🙂 ) was packaged in glass bottles and not aluminum cans. A few bottles had made their way into the ditch where they had broken. Anyway…I was shoved into the ditch by the new “king” and in the process, my shin landed on a glass shard. My teacher tried her best to stop the blood flow with Band-Aids but they just ran down my leg. It was not crazy serious but it did keep me out of school for a couple of days.

Now my injury from King of the Mountain wasn’t necessarily life-threatening…but, Lord, sin most assuredly is. And me trying to cover the depth of my “sneer” with a mask is much more detrimental to my spiritual well-being than a simple Band-Aid on a deep cut.

Lord, I would pray for Christians everywhere. Not one of us lives a perfect life. We all struggle to live the lives You have set before us. With Your strength and wisdom and, yes, we must tap into Your patience as well, may we be the overcomers You have destined us to be. Amen.

Feb 5th, 2018, Mon, 6:50 am

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  1. This was great and so glad we can tap into His patience as well as many times mine seems to be almost thread bare. Oh, to have the patience of Job again.

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