Imminent Suffering

It’s been too long, Father since I’ve sat down with You for our time together. But one thing that I am grateful for is that You have been at the forefront of my heart and mind the whole time. Several times over the last several days I have called out to You and You have kept me strong in my faith and true to my commitment to You – praise Your holy Name!

2 Timothy 1:8b (<<click here)

“With the strength God give you, be ready to suffer… for the sake of the Good News.”

Lord, a few years ago this passage would have seemed much less imminent. So many things have changed in our world in recent years… and most have not been for the best. Evil on a multitude of fronts is on the rise – just thinking of it all makes my stomach churn.

Everybody and their brother, at least in Christian circles, seems to have an opinion as to what is going to happen. We may not know specifics and we surely don’t know when but suffering is inevitable.

Lord, I don’t know if it will yet happen in my lifetime but may I be ready for it. Help me to continue to strive to make our relationship strong. Help me to sink my roots deep, deep in to Your love. Help me to fervently repel the evil that comes my way. And if that evil someday comes banging on my door may I look it square in the eye, and in Your strength “be ready to suffer… for the sake of the Good News.”

Oct 21st, Wed, 7:24 am

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