Father, I must admit that I am still in shock over the death of Scott. But, I am also grateful that his death came as no surprise to You. You know our comings and our goings. My day will come – all of our days. Let me be ready. But in the meantime may I be diligent, may I be intentional about who I am in You, Father. And may our relationship impact the lives of everyone I meet.

2 Timothy 2:23-26 (<,click here)

As I read through this passage, Lord, I am encouraged. When it comes to my expression of our relationship with the world around I am not loud and pushy. Abrasive would not describe my style. I strive to live out Paul’s advice to Timothy- to be kind to everyone” and to “be patient with difficult people.” v24

I wouldn’t get very far with many people if I deviated from this mindset. I pray that my love for others is like salt. I pray that it permeates through to the core of my interactions with others – that even after short encounters that my contact continues to flavor their minds and hearts. Lord, and for those with whom I interact on a daily basis, may Your touch through me draw them to You. May they develop a craving for You that goes beyond my relationship with them. May it be that they cannot go through life without You flavoring their lives on a day by day basis.

Lord, use me this and every day. May I be the salt shaker in Your outstretched arm.

Nov 17th, Tue, 4:59 am