Love and a Short Fuse

Father, today is going to be a very long day. I would ask that You would help me to focus on You today. Help my thoughts to align with Yours. Help me to pause and think before I speak. When stray, unwelcome thoughts pop into my head help me to quickly squelch them. Permeate me with Your presence this day.

2 Timothy 3:3a (<<click here)


Lord, these are traits that we are definitely not drawn to. In fact, when we see them lived out in front of us, it is repulsive. A couple of weeks ago a couple checked out at my register and through the course of conversation the lady mentioned that they were out celebrating their 44th Anniversary. The last thing she pulled out to be rung up was a beautiful, glittery top – she asked him if it was OK to get and he went off about why she was asking him, she didn’t need it, etc. etc. You could tell it stung, but you could also tell that his reaction was nothing new. He paid for it all as she stepped away but why the need to be unloving?

I strive to not be that way, but Fowlers can have a short fuse. I would be so better off if my brain would kick in before my mouth, Lord, You have helped me a great deal in this area but I still have a ways to go, especially in my personal relationships but in my work interactions as well. Help me to love with Your heart, each and every day.

Nov 25th, Wed, 8:08 am