Pursuit of Emptiness

I want to give You credit, Father, for making it possible to get today off so as to be able to spend it with Massey and Karen before he heads back to school. May Your hand be upon us this day – bless our time together and help us cherish every moment and each other. Thank You for my family!

2 Timothy 4:10 (<<click here)

Reading this verse, Lord, shows that humanity is still humanity. Demas left Paul (and You) for the world. 2000 years later we are drawn to this world’s enticements. King Solomon, almost a 1000 years before Paul, used words translated “meaningless,” “vanity,” “futility“, and “pointless” to describe those enticements. And, Lord, that is not a good trade – not at all. Empty for full? Shallow for deep? Poor for rich? Fantasy for reality? Death for life? You offer us everything and instead we run after nothing! Eternal total satisfaction is swapped out for fleeting unsatisfying emptiness!

Sin, when it comes right down to it, is a promise of anything we could ever want and initially there may be a very short lived fulfillment…but it’s never enough. We selfishly pursue what we want – wealth, power, pleasure, etc., etc. – and realize, too late, that it all leads to emptiness.

Jesus, You are the real deal. You give life. You fulfill our innermost desires. You are truth. The world pulls at me, too, Lord, but what I need is You! Anything less than You is meaningless – fill my life with meaningful!

Jan 5th, Tues, 7:29 am