Do Overs

Father, thank You for all Your blessing during this past holiday season. I am so grateful for the time we got to spend with Massey as a family. I would pray that each of us would actively seek to deepen our relationship with You each day and that Your hand would be evident in all we say and do.

2 Timothy 4:11-12 (<<click here)

“Bring Mark…for he will be helpful to me…”

Lord, we don’t know don’t know all that has transpired but this is a turning point statement for Paul and a learning point for us. Early in Paul’s ministry, Mark had joined Paul and Barnabas in their journey and for whatever reason Mark quit. Later on Barnabas tried to bring Mark along once more but Paul said “no” which caused Paul and Barnabas to part ways. And then out of the blue, at the end of Paul’s life he says, “Bring Mark…”

Somewhere along the line Mark had had opportunity to prove himself and Paul hadn’t shut him out. All of us can change. And regardless we must be open to that change, either changing ourselves or accepting change in others. Both are tough to do.

The big point here is that life in You, Lord, is all about new beginnings. Every day brings with it opportunities to move forward. Help me Lord to be pliable in Your hands to change where I need to change and then help me to see others with eyes of discernment so I may accept and encourage positive changes in them as well.

Jan 7th, Thurs, 9:35 am