That’s a Wrap

Father, today is Your day – and not just because it is the Sabbath. If I am to be victorious in living my life for You, every day must be Your day. I must keep my eyes focused on You. Help me, Father, to do so.

2 Timothy 4:19-22 (<<click here)

And for Paul, that’s a wrap. No more letters. No more missionary journeys. From his life-changing encounter with You, Lord, on the road to Damascus, his life in its entirety was devoted to You. As he writes the final lines in his final letter, he looks briefly back remembering some whom had traveled with him, and prayed with him and had supported and worked alongside him. He had diligently worked to spread the Gospel far and wide and had strived to assure that it would not die with him but through the lives of people, like Timothy, would continue to impact the world.

Lord, what an example! Paul held nothing back and due in part to his tenacity the Good News of the Gospel continues to effect lives today. You were able to use Paul during his lifetime and You continue to impact the world with the words inspirationally given to him.

I am no Paul, Lord, but I give myself to You to use as You will. Help me to listen and when I have heard, may I act. And when I act may I do so with wisdom and courage so that I, too, may proclaim Your word to a world that truly needs Your Good News!

Jan 10th, Sun, 6:32 am