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Hold Nothing Back

Father, there’s something special about this time of the day. The only thing my senses pick up is the muffled sound of vehicles zooming by. But in here it is quiet and peaceful, my day has only begun. And there is no better way to start my day than with You. In the quiet of this time may I hear Your still, small voice and may it set the tone for the day.

2 Timothy 2:3-7 (<<click here)

Lord, reading this brief passage has my mind going all kinds of directions. Help me to focus on what You want me to see and then please enable me to apply it to my life.

Fulfilling Your call on my life, Lord, is a worthy task. But though it is worthy, it does not mean that it will be easily attained. It doesn’t just happen. It’s not easy. Following You requires a solid determination. It will take daily focus and application .Living a life worthy of Your call, no goal is higher.

Paul’s examples of a soldier, an athlete and a farmer all point to individuals with high expectations. To achieve their goals means lots of hard work, discipline and self-sacrifice. Each of them must be all in – partial commitment won’t cut it! If I am to be an ambassador of the Good News I have to be all in or I won’t really be affective. I can say I follow You but until I totally invest myself in accomplishing that goal I will have little impact.

One of my struggles through life is seeing what You do with what I invest with my life. You can take a little and multiply it exponentially!

And there lies my struggle – quite often, even though I want my investment to be large it is small. I start off big and fizzle out way too early. What would it look like if I gave every bit of myself and stayed the course? What would You be able to do with that?

Lord, help me to be what I am capable of being! No more excuses! Empower me! Embolden me! Help me to give it my all and to hold nothing back!

Nov 4th, Wed, 5:46 am

Sown Seed

As I look to this day ahead, Father, I would ask for Your strength and wisdom. Help my focus to be on You. Every task and every thought may Your presence embody them. Fill me and liberally use me this day.

2 Timothy 2:2 (<<click here)

Lord, many years ago a seed was planted in me. As the years have gone by that seed has grown and produced other seeds. Some of the resulting crop has been re-planted in me so I can continue to reap a harvest. Other portions of the resulting crop has been planted in others. As You so clearly proclaimed in the parable of the sower (Mathew 13:1-23) I really have little control over the type or soil that my seed is sown upon. The seed of course is the truth found in Your Word – the Bible.

I willingly received the seed sown in me so long ago and I have, for the most part, been diligent in cultivating a healthy crop throughout my life. There have been less productive times, times when I gardened the way I though best or disregarding the Master Gardner’s directions and wisdom. On occasion I have allowed my crop to grow amongst thorns or on shallow ground but thankfully You have given me a “love that will not let me go” and I have been repeatedly drawn back to Your side. What would I do without You?

So if this is how I respond to the truth of Your Word planted in me then I am better able to understand how others respond when You enable me to sow this “seed” in their lives. I have no control over if the seed will reproduce in the soil of other people’s lives but I must remain diligent.

As a child of the Mater Gardener I am responsible to put my best efforts into tending the crops. I must do my best to watch and weed and fertilize. I plant some seeds but others have planted too. Lord, help me to be attentive. Help me to love and appreciate those who readily receive and those who are more resistant. I would pray that we would all be diligent sowers of the seed.

Nov 3rd, Tue, 5:03 am

Unsearchable Riches

Father, the quiet of the early morning hours is my favorite time to be with You. My mind and body are fresh. My thoughts are not cluttered. A new day, a clean slate – Father I give it to You. Help me to keep You at the forefront of my mind. Use me this day as You will.

2 Timothy 2:1 (<<click here)

“…be strong through the grace that God gives you in Christ Jesus.”

My Study Bible* expounds on this verse by stating that “just as we are saved by God’s grace…we should live by it. This means trusting completely in Christ and his power, and not trying to live for Christ in our strength alone.”

Lord, as I ponder on this it affirms what You have taught me in recent months. I still have my days but no matter how strongly I feel about serving You – living for You – I am incapable of doing so with my resources. There is absolutely no wisdom in doing so! My resources are limited and in no time at all they are exhausted. But as Fanny Crosby penned,

“Oh, the unsearchable riches of Christ
            Wealth that can never be told!
            Riches exhaustless of mercy and grace,
            Precious, more precious than gold!”

Help me, Lord, to remember that I do not have to live for You with my little reserves but You want me to draw from Your unlimited unsearchable riches!

Lord, enable me to fully grasp the concept that it is not prudent to simply “refuel” when I am running low. To be victorious in my struggle to remain true to You in this life I need to maintain a direct fuel line to the reservoir of Your grace and power. Thank You, Lord for loving me. I am ultimately dependent upon You!

Nov 1st, Sun, 6:24 am

*New Living Testament Life Application Bible

Calling All Husbands!


You have greatly blessed me Father. It would be very difficult to make a list of my blessings without missing something, I am sure. But one of my most cherished blessings is Karen. Over 33 years ago You orchestrated our coming together. And though we have been through good times and bad You have been with us. With Your holding us so close to You, You’ve held us close to each other. Thank You so much for answered prayers. I have never been a perfect companion but You continue to work on me and I still ask of You that I will continue to strive to be th10341694_10201041654843241_4552466758843371744_ne husband she deserves. Help me, each day, to see her through Your eyes, to love her with Your heart, to enfold her with Your arms. Help us to be the couple You have called us to be – to impact our world with the Good News of which we are so blessed to be a part. Thank You, Father.

And, Father, at this moment I would pray for husbands that I know in particular. Some men have been husbands for many years, help them to cherish the time they have remaining. Help them to continue to give themselves over to You so they will be able to sacrificially love their wives no matter what life throws at them, illness, disease, loss of mental faculties. Help them to “be strong through the grace that God gives [them] in Christ Jesus.” 2 Timothy 2:1 For sometimes we have to be strong for her and for ourselves.

Then I would pray for those husbands going through the transitions of life – changes in body, changes into “empty-nester” mode. Every stage of life has its challenges – we can remain victorious when we remain in You!

Then lastly this morning Father I would pray for young husbands. I know so many who are still basically newlyweds. New lives together, new additions to be loved as well. Father may You be with these young men – sojourners on a new great adventure! Give them strength, give them fortitude. Early on may they find that dependence upon You will change everything for the best. The sooner they grasp that truth the better.

Father, help us all to give ourselves over to You so that You can use us to touch the lives of those around us. In and through You, we can change the world!

Oct 31st, Sat, 8:41 am

*FYI – I wrote this post simply because I love my wife! It doesn’t mark an anniversary of any nature. We started dating in March of 1983 and got married in June of 1986. Next Summer, Lord willing, we will celebrate 30 years of marriage!

I Need You

Father, You are well aware that I am heading into a very full and hectic time of year. After 15 years that is really nothing new…but our time together in the midst of it is. I truly need to spend quality time with You each day and getting home at midnight or 1:00 am some days and leaving home at 5 or 6:00 am is going to make things much more difficult. Help me, Father, to be determined to carve out time for us…it must be a priority for me!

2 Timothy 1:15-18 (<<click here)

Lord, no matter whom or where we are, we must be diligent in pursuing our relationship with You. In my passage this morning Paul refers to three individuals by name. All of them had relationships with him but only one of them stuck with him, the other two deserted him. Once again my opening thoughts are in alignment with what you want me to deal with as I read Your Word – You continue to set things up perfectly for me. Over and over again You show that they were orchestrated just for me for “such a time as this.” Esther 4:14 Thank You for Your Love, Jesus!

Lord, as the old hymn says, (<<click to listen to the hymn!)

            “I need Thee, oh, I need Thee;
            Every hour I need Thee;
            Oh, bless me now, my Savior!
            I come to Thee.” 

Our time together is sweet. It sustains me thru the press of the day. For me to accomplish Your calling on my life, time with You is the one necessity that I cannot do without. You are truly a “Love that wilt not let me go.” (another old hymn)

Oct 30th, Fri, 6:33 am