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Lazy River

Good morning, Father! Though my bed was calling for me to stay, it will benefit me much more to heed Your call to come and spend some time with You. Time in bed would only benefit me for the here-and-now, where my time with You could very easily have benefits for all eternity.

Lord, it has been a few days since have I joined You here and I feel compelled to read from The Valley of Vision this morning. Here is a portion of today’s reading.

Save me from the love of the world and the pride of life,
    from everything that is natural to fallen man,
        and let Christ’s nature be seen in me day by day.
Grant me grace to bear thy will without repining*, and delight to be
    not only chiseled, squared or fashioned,
    but separated from the old rock where I have been imbedded                   so long,
    and lifted from the quarry to the upper air,
        where I may be built in Christ forever.

 *feeling or expressing discontent; fretting

Lord, I would stand in agreement with the author who penned these words. It is so easy to just “go with the flow.” It’s the path of least resistance. We just float along, no resistance, just like everyone else. It reminds me of those “lazy rivers” at water parks. I just get in my tube and drift away down the flow – nice and easy. No frets, no worries…just… life.

But the thing is, life is not just a lukewarm life of ease. When the “ride” is over we don’t just get out of our tube and that’s it. If we don’t allow our course to be changed the “river” will lead us to a precipice to plunge off the falls into the bottomless abyss of eternal separation from You.

Just because it’s easy – just because everyone else is doing it – doesn’t mean it’s the best choice. In fact, it’s the worst choice possible!

Lord, may I pray with the Puritan author “save me” from the love of the world… from everything that is natural to fallen man. May I not pursue ease and acceptance but may I be caught by You to be what I was made to be – Your child – in Your image. Eradicate, Lord, the sinful nature with which I was born and may Your “nature be seen in me day by day.” Amen!

Dec 26th, Mon, 4:30 am

Hand in Hand

Sometimes, Father, it is difficult to come and sit with You. I am unworthy. Being who I am, doing what I do, saying what I say, and thinking what I think… I don’t deserve what is extended to me… grace, mercy, love, forgiveness, acceptance. But me being me does not change You being You. I am so grateful that that is the case. I am even more grateful that You being You does change me being me! You are my only means of saving me from myself.

All praise to You, and You alone, Almighty God!

Lord, I am grateful, too, that You join me on my journey. You understand my weaknesses, though, in love, you do not condone them. In Your strength and wisdom, You enable me to strive to move forward. You truly are a Savior many times over. Truly You sacrificed Yourself for my salvation (for which words cannot convey my gratitude!) but every day You extend Your hand to me – to encourage me to carry on and not stop, to lift me up when I have fallen (again!), to provide me with the calm assurance that I am not alone. You love me more than I’ll ever be able to grasp and I can rest in that irrefutable reality!

All praise to You, and You alone, almighty God!

So, Lord, let us be at it. You and me, again this day moving ever forward. Guide my steps. Direct my thoughts. The past is ahead the future is before us. Onward and upward we go – hand in hand. Amen

Nov 15th, Tues, 5:29 am

Longing for Good

Oh my, what a week – it seems like forever since I’ve sat down with You, Father! And, boy, do I feel it! The world has been none to kind – crazy work schedule and weariness has made coming together easier to say “no” to and my defenses are not as sharp so things lurking in the shadows have tripped me up. Thank You, Father, for once again helping me to my feet and in your forgiveness, to march steadily onward. (The journey of John Bunyan’s, Christian in The Pilgrim’s Progress, comes to mind)

2 Timothy 3:17  (<<click here)

Lord, I was ready to forge on ahead to chapter 4 but my eyes fell upon the last footnote for chapter 3 in my Study Bible* and I had to pause.

“We should not study God’s Word simply to increase our knowledge… We should study the Bible so that we will know how to do Christ’s work in the world. Our knowledge of God’s Word is not useful unless it strengthens our faith and leads us to do good.”

Lord, help Your Word to not just fill my brain – though that is important – but may it fill my life; may it be fleshed out in daily tasks from beginning to end. The truth of Your Word is not meant to be something that I keep to my self – it is to be shared. Your Word is fully able to “equip” me “to do every good work.”

And isn’t this for what the world is longing? Don’t we all crave and long for “good”? – love, acceptance, security, beauty (real beauty), peace, joy. And aren’t all of these things found in You. The world offers plenty of knock offs but only You offer the genuine article. May I be a purveyor of “good work.”

December 19th, Saturday, 6:19 am

*The New Living Translation Life Application Study Bible