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Good evening, Father. Thank You for enabling me to get so much done today. Everything is ready for Sunday for the most part and I even had the opportunity to get ahead a little!

Skunks! Argh! From a distance, they may seem cute but you sure don’t want to get too up close and personal, though somewhere growing up I knew someone that had a de-scented skunk as a pet!

They come to mind in that I’ve had a couple of Facebook friends whose dogs have gotten a little too up close and personal in the last week or so. And then in the middle of the night, last night, the smell woke me up – it was overwhelming! When we got up this morning one had been hit on the other side of the road. I shoveled the remains into the opposing ditch but, oh how that smell lingers!

All this got me thinking, what aroma do I leave when I’m around people. Is it pleasant? Or is it something people would rather avoid. All of us cast forth an aroma of some sort – and it is one that bathing has nothing to do with. It has everything to do with who we are – and we can’t get rid of it. And my friend with the pet skunk? Even though the animal’s scent gland had been removed it still smelled like a skunk!

In reality, we can all be pretty stinky. How we treat people, our attitudes, the way we do certain things…they can be offensive. Again, I am definitely a work in progress, but Lord I know that You (and You alone!) have enabled me to be less stinky. You have helped me to develop the habit of stopping…and thinking before I do or say something. Quite often I change what was going to be done or said. And it always flavored with You. I welcome it, Lord. May I been less “skunky” and more like You. Amen.

Our lives are a Christ-like fragrance rising up to God. 2 Corinthians 2:15

Aug 10th, Thurs, 9:22 pm

Detriments to the Kingdom


Oh my, Father, what a morning! Thank You for helping me! I had forgotten to finish up today’s blog post and You woke me a little earlier and once awake You reminded me to take care of it. I’m so glad that You are there for me!

James 4:1-3 (<<click here)

Reading Your Word, Lord, reminds me of stories from my youth. It makes me think of dwarves mining for treasures! Oh, the nuggets of truth I find; the multi-faceted gems of enlightenment!

Today’s topic is not enjoyable to acknowledge but it most assuredly needs to be addressed. I have a multitude of fond memories of growing up in the church. Even now as I write beautiful faces of wonderful people come to mind. I can recall many events and programs which impacted my life in a very positive way. But unfortunately, it was not all a bed of roses.

The longest we ever lived in one place (my father was my pastor) was three and a half years, I believe. My dad was a dedicated and loving servant of God and while we had many other servants of God with which to work in those churches, there were also many who quarreled and fought much as James refers to in my passage. They wanted what they didn’t have so there was scheming and fighting and quarreling and backbiting and jealousy and heartache. I knew things were happening but I was, for the most part, sheltered from the details. So I am grateful that I really can’t remember faces or particulars. I am blessed to serve in churches where, as a whole, I really don’t have to deal with those detriments to the Kingdom. But I also realize that the body of Christ is still replete with dissension.

Lord, today I would pray for the Church, Your body. Help us to see You… Help us to stop looking out for ourselves and to place our heart, soul, mind and strength at Your feet. Help us to crucify the “old man” the “flesh.” Because that is the issue. That is our problem… and You are the answer. Your love filling us and overflowing from us will bridge all wrongs, will heal all wounds. Your love for us and our love for You creates the aroma that will bring the world to you. Help us to give ourselves over to You. Amen!

Sept 16th, Fri, 6:45 am

Redolent of Your Fragrance!

Father, boy was it rough getting up this morning – the yard work I did after supper definitely took its toll! I’m moving a little slower than usual but I am here and ready to hear what You have for me today.

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy the collection of Puritan prayers loaned to me? Lord, You use many things to speak to me, to make me think, to teach me.

Today’s prayer was addressed specifically to the Holy Spirit.

O Holy Spirit,
As the sun is full of light,
The ocean full of water,
Heaven full of glory,
so may my heart be full of thee…
… and make me redolent of thy fragrance.

I had to Google a word in that last line and it’s a good one – redolent. Its definition: strongly reminiscent or suggestive of (something). Holy Spirit may my heart be full of You and make me redolent of Your fragrance – that is my plea for the rest of my life. For me to live for You I must remain full of You. I cannot fill myself with the things this world deems important. It’s like comparing a well-balanced healthy meal to just consuming candy, pop and ice cream. It may taste good in my mouth but I won’t feel so good later and eventually it will kill me. A steady diet of the world cannot satisfy – only You can do that.

And when we are full of You, we cannot help but cast off Your aroma. May everything I say and do be redolent (I love new words!) of You! May the way I live draw others to You.

When Karen puts a roast in the crockpot to cook for the day, by the time supper rolls around the whole house is permeated with the scent of that scrumptious meal! May I be so full of You, Holy Spirit that people have to get a taste!

Aug 26th, Fri, 6:59 am

Highlighting the Stink on Me

Father, thank You for answering my prayer. Putting off our time together this morning was not wise on my part. Thank You for making it uncomfortable for me – sort of like being “fidgety” mentally. (haha) I surely don’t need to start getting out of this habit. Once again ALL the praise goes to You!

Philippians 1:12-19

Many times I have felt that my time at Kohl’s has been an imprisonment. Lord, forgive me for my bad attitude, fussing and fuming. I do realize that You have placed me there for a reason. Also, I would ask that you forgive me for the many times that I haven’t lived up to Your expectations of me while serving there. As Paul found great joy in his literal imprisonment, help me to do the same in mine, such that it is. Sour attitudes bring no light on You, they just highlight the stink on me. Please, help me to get rid of the stink and to take on the “pleasing aroma of Christ” (2 Corinthians 2:15) to those around me. My prayer is that You will use me to draw others to Your saving grace. Zip my lip if what I’m going to spit out is going to soil how people see You.

May 13th, Wed, 12:00 pm