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Father, this day can go many different directions. I pray that Your hand will be upon us regardless of the direction it takes. Use us for Your glory even in the midst of the mundane. Amen.

OK…I am not a fan of stinging insects. (I’m sure those who are are few and far between!) Anyway, this past week I have been working to clean up around where we stack our wood. Now I haven’t been stung (thankfully!) and I haven’t even seen a nest but as I was working I saw, what I would classify as, a hornet! I guess technically they are a part of the yellowjacket wasp family – it is commonly known as the bald-faced hornet but one of its names is the Blackjacket. Regardless, I jumped back and scrutinized my surroundings. I saw none but the one on the wood but from then on I kept my eyes peeled for any others. I sure didn’t want to give them any reason to sting me!

Lord, why don’t we respond to sin that way? You would think that once we are “stung” by sin, we would want to avoid it. But no, we go back again and again regardless of the pain and misery that is inflicted. It would be different if it only stung us once, but like the Blackjacket, sin can sting over and over again.

I also read that they can squirt venom from the stinger into the eyes of nest intruders. The venom causes immediate watering of the eyes and temporary blindness. Doesn’t sin do the same? Its venom blinds us – it may be temporary but eventually we sin so repeatedly that our blindness no longer fades.

Lord, I may have been the fool but I am so grateful that, no matter how many stings and squirts I’ve taken, that Your grace overrides them all.

Amazing Grace, How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost, but now am found
T’was blind but now I see

Aug 31st, Thurs, 7:13 am


Good evening, Father. Thank You for enabling me to get so much done today. Everything is ready for Sunday for the most part and I even had the opportunity to get ahead a little!

Skunks! Argh! From a distance, they may seem cute but you sure don’t want to get too up close and personal, though somewhere growing up I knew someone that had a de-scented skunk as a pet!

They come to mind in that I’ve had a couple of Facebook friends whose dogs have gotten a little too up close and personal in the last week or so. And then in the middle of the night, last night, the smell woke me up – it was overwhelming! When we got up this morning one had been hit on the other side of the road. I shoveled the remains into the opposing ditch but, oh how that smell lingers!

All this got me thinking, what aroma do I leave when I’m around people. Is it pleasant? Or is it something people would rather avoid. All of us cast forth an aroma of some sort – and it is one that bathing has nothing to do with. It has everything to do with who we are – and we can’t get rid of it. And my friend with the pet skunk? Even though the animal’s scent gland had been removed it still smelled like a skunk!

In reality, we can all be pretty stinky. How we treat people, our attitudes, the way we do certain things…they can be offensive. Again, I am definitely a work in progress, but Lord I know that You (and You alone!) have enabled me to be less stinky. You have helped me to develop the habit of stopping…and thinking before I do or say something. Quite often I change what was going to be done or said. And it always flavored with You. I welcome it, Lord. May I been less “skunky” and more like You. Amen.

Our lives are a Christ-like fragrance rising up to God. 2 Corinthians 2:15

Aug 10th, Thurs, 9:22 pm

Serving Abroad

Good morning, Father. It is good to come together with You today. With all the upheaval in life recently, help me to get back into a regular routine once more. Thank You for Your palpable presence the last couple of weeks. I couldn’t have done it without You.

1 Peter 2:11 (<<click here)

Lord, as I read this verse, it is just full! It’s difficult to focus on one point when there are so many facets to take in.

One of the first things that pop into my head is the image of a sailor serving abroad. Though he is not “home” he is undeniably a representative of “home.” While abroad everything he says and does reflect on his “home.” I have read stories and seen portrayals of sailors on shore leave who have gotten themselves into all kinds of trouble thinking they could do and say whatever they wanted because they were away from “home” and no one knew them and no one from “home” would find out – they see themselves as incognito! To many the allure of the world pulls them in and illicit behavior and carousing begin. Before they know it their reflection of “home” is dirtied and their image is tainted.

As the old song goes, “This world is not my home; I’m just a passing through.” Lord, I am Your child and my home is with You. I’m not able to get home just yet but I am serving You abroad. Help me to avoid the things of this world that are so alluring. Keep my heart and mind pure. May my focus be on what would make those at home proud.

Dec 3rd, Sat, 4:46 am

Nothing Hidden from You

Father, I am grateful for Your presence. In every single circumstance in life, You are with me – guiding, directing, broadcasting Your love in and through me. I am truly blessed!

1 Peter 1:17 (<<click here)

It is not unusual in life to find ourselves in lineups; at work, in school, in families, on the playground, in church, there are people we are comfortable being around and there are those we tend to avoid. And the same goes for how people feel about us, some people like us and others could care less if they ever saw us again. We all play the game of favorites.

But not You, Lord, Peter says here that the “heavenly Father…has no favorites.” He will “judge or reward” us fair and square “according to what we do.”…and that is really a very sobering thought. We can pull the wool over some people’s eyes. We can be fake in our interactions with others and they may never realize it. But never with You. You see to the very core of our being. Nothing is hidden from You. Hebrews 4:13 says,

“Nothing in all creation is hidden from God . Everything is naked and exposed before his eyes, and he is the one to who we are accountable.”

Lord, we are only fooling ourselves if we think we can hide anything from You. May I be the real deal in all I say and do. You see me for what I am. Help me to be genuine with others, as well. And when I struggle in liking some people less than others, may I see them through Your eyes of love. Help me to be like You. Amen

Oct 29th, Sat, 6:01 am