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Chisel Tip RED Sharpie Permanent Marker!

Father, this day has already had far too many distractions – nothing evil but “things” of non-importance. Help me to redeem the rest of my day. Help me to invest my time wisely – at home, while helping family, at work – wherever I may be, may You guide my thoughts and actions.

Hebrews 9:16-28 (<<click here)

As I’ve said before, Lord, the book of Hebrews is a challenge to get through – there’s just a lot to wrap my mind around. In thinking through this morning’s passage the author once again speaks of what You did in giving of Yourself so we can be forgiven…and he places Your actions in contrast to the old covenants sacrificial system of the Law.

So as I processed these things in my mind popped the image of a bold sharpie marker. I see the law written out, in great detail, with an extra fine point Sharpie permanent marker – it is written black on a stark white background. The contrast is great – there are no grey areas – everything is black and white.

Breaking this Law is sin and as Romans 3:23 tells us “everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard.” Black and white – no grey. The Law’s remedy for sin is sacrifice specific animals, specific time frames, and specific directions, specific upon specific – black and white – no grey.

Then You came on the scene Jesus – not to throw out the Law but to fulfill it in its entirety. And over all that extra fine point detail in black Sharpie permanent marker You are a chisel tip RED Sharpie permanent marker! In all inclusive broad strokes of redemption you have come boldly to be the final Word. You alone are Lord and Savior. Everything falls before You! Everything is complete in You! Praise Your holy name for ever and ever! Amen!!

Apr 6th, Wed, 7:01 am