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In a Pickle

Father, even before I found my seat this morning, my journaling from yesterday has been weighing on my mind. We definitely must be ready to stand for You regardless of what the future may bring but it’s not just a tomorrow thing. It is a today thing, as well.

“So let us go out to him, outside the camp, and bear the disgrace he bore. For this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come.” Hebrews 13:13-14

Lord, in regards to this passage, my study Bible* stated, “The time [has] come for [us] to declare [our] loyalty to Christ above any loyalty, to choose to follow the Messiah whatever suffering that might entail. [We need] to move outside the safe confinement of [our] part, [our] traditions, and [our] ceremonies to live for Christ.”

I am perfectly content to stay where I am comfortable Lord, in my home and for that matter in the church. I have no problem saying, “Sure I’ll tell you about Jesus…just come in here where I am comfortable and safe. Uh…you can’t get here?  You’re scared to come in?  You’ve heard so many negative things about the “church” that you’d rather just not even bother?…oh…well, we are in a pickle aren’t we?”

I realize that not everyone is going to come where I am most comfortable. But am I willing to “go out to him”? Am I willing to “bear the disgrace that You bore, Jesus?  Of course, being willing and actually going are two totally separate things. But as I’ve been made aware – “The time has come” to take action.  Lord, enable me to do what needs to be done, for You want me to not come alone to that “home yet to come.”

July 15th, Fri, 6:20 am


Father, I look forward to our time together. Sometimes it is daunting to think about getting up so early but You are always an encouragement. Help me to invest the time in our relationship that I need to draw me even closer to You.

2 Timothy 3:3c (<<click here)

“… no self-control…”

Self-control is something almost all of us struggle with in some area, Lord. Sometimes those areas are not that big of a deal but many times our lack of self-control is downright debilitating.

There are times when our issue is too readily saying, “Yes” to things that are detrimental to us in excessive quantities – food, candy, videogames, entertaining ourselves so as to avoid responsibilities. And other times our lack of self-control is saying ‘No’ to things that would be beneficial to our health and well-being  – a healthy diet, an exercise regimen, daily spending time in reading Your Word and interacting with You.

Self-control has been at the heart of our problems from the very beginning – from when Eve first reached for that forbidden fruit until today.

We’re not good at controlling ourselves on our own and we bristle at the idea of anyone else doing so. But Lord, if I’ve learned anything in our years together is that if I am to be content and full of joy I must hand control of my life over to You. You steer me in the right direction and enable me to say ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ to what is most beneficial to me as Your child.

Nov 28th, Sat, 5:00 am

No Better Place than Here

Father, after all these weeks I am still amazed and overwhelmingly blessed that You so gently wake me for our time together. Thank You, for You love. Thank You for the great privilege of spending one-on-one time with the Creator of all that is! It’s hard to wrap my brain around the concept that You really want to spend time with me! Praise Your Holy Name!!


Lord, Jesus, this morning I feel compelled to save the next portion of scripture for the next time we come together. I feel the need to just write this morning. As I look back over my life, Lord, You have been there every step of the way. Through every heart ache and trial, through every victory and all the joy, You have been by my side. I have been obedient and I have rebelled but You have never given up on me. The word “grateful” doesn’t even begin to express how I feel.

As I wondrously proclaim, “Even before You made the world, You loved me and chose me in You to be holy and without fault in Your eyes.” (Ephesians 1:4) That’s like forever but I honestly cannot recall a time in my life when I didn’t know You or at least when I didn’t know of You. I was blessed to be born into family the loved and wholeheartedly strove to serve You. And it went beyond Mom and Dad, four of my grandparents and every one of my aunts and uncles were of the same heart and mind. What a heritage! What a foundation on which to build my life! All the building blocks under me were solidly, securely placed on You! (Ephesians 2:11-22)

Now clearly I did not pop out of the womb perfect and without fault (Lord, You know that is true!) but Your hand has guided me. You have aligned my heart with Yours. Over the course of my life, I have wandered, I have blatantly sinned, I have hurt You and dirtied Your name in the process but I could never go beyond Your reach. The pull of Your love has always brought me back.

After 50+ years of living, some may look at who I am and what I’ve accomplished and they may shake their heads and think that I really haven’t done a whole lot with my life. I don’t have a huge bank account, I live in a nice but modest home, I have not ascended the ladder of success (by human standards) in the business world or in any denomination I have served. But Lord… I am where You have placed me. I faithfully serve as Your child in my home, at my job and in the two churches with which You have blessed me.

No, I am definitely not perfect. I stumble. I fall. But I am not defeated. Lord, You patiently work with me each and every day. You encourage me. You direct me. You help me. You encourage me. I am blessed beyond measure!

I am full of joy! I am content – but not to the point of complacency. I would follow You anywhere You would lead me, but for now I am where You want me to be – in the center of Your will. Help me to listen. Help me to continue to expand my horizons in You – to draw closer to You, to more and more be able to hear Your direction and to have the courage and wisdom to do and be all that you desire for me to do and be. There is no better place than here!

Sept,20th, Sun, 6:41 am


Thank You, Father, for Your presence. I cherish these times of special interaction but I am also grateful that You are with me 24/7. I would ask that I would have an ongoing realization of that fact throughout each and every day. Please be a guiding force in every moment of my life.

Philippians 4:10-23 (<< click here)

“…be content with whatever I have” v11b

“…I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.” v13

“…God…will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.” v19

Contentment…no limits to what we can do through Christ with the limitless resources found only in Him!

Ok, Lord, first things first…I’m sorry about my attitudes reactions in certain situations when in the van with my family…please forgive me. I sure need to tap in to this “contentment” thing! I realize that I’m a work in progress but this area of my life needs to be addressed.

Why does this part of my life result in anger so often? I know part of it is being called out for my anger is like throwing fuel on the fire – not just a chunk of wood but gasoline! It probably has to do with control and insecurity but whatever it’s rooted in – it needs to stop!

I am richly blessed in so many areas of my life – abundantly so! Why should one really insignificant area of my life (interacting with other vehicles on the road) rob me of the contentment I should feel? Just because others don’t measure up to my standards on the highway should not cause me to lose it! And when my sin is pointed out I shouldn’t blow up!

OK, Lord, this is yet another problem pointing in my life that, obviously, I cannot deal with on my own. I need You to give me the strength to overcome it and conquer it! There is no limit to what I can accomplish through You. I would humbly ask that out of Your “glorious riches” You would grant me extra doses of patience and peace…the “passes understanding” kind! Help me to see it, my struggle – my sin, for what it is and to shut it down by giving it over to You.

Christ in my life, You “must increase, but I must decrease” John 3:30 NASB That’s the only solution!

June 4th, Thurs, 7:30 am