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I’ve had lots of distractions this morning, Father. Help me to get my mind and heart set aright on You. We both know this time sets my day on the right course. Amen.

2 John 1-13 (<<click here)

Truth. It is important to all of us on a deeply personal basis. We demand it in our relationships – parents, children, work associates, etc. and in our society – community leaders, teachers, law enforcement, government leaders, and agencies. But, Lord, when it comes right down to it, many, if they feel they can get away with it are not truthful. Many shy away from the light of accountability.

Absolute truth. Many deny its existence. “That may be true for you but it’s not true for me.” No matter how we try and twist it – truth is truth. We try to deny the reality of who You are Lord but our denial cannot change the reality. Many attempt to refute the truth held within Your commands. We want to pick and choose what we hold to be true. We, even with our free will, do not hold the final say. We will foolishly hold to what we believe and may die doing so. But the day on which we all stand before You –truth will be told and there will be no denying it.

Lord, help me to seek and know the truth as found only in You. May I reject any variations. May I, moment by moment, walk closely by Your side. This is the only way I will know the truth – filtering it all through You. Amen.

May 24th, Wed, 9:18 am