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In It, Not of It

Father, it is a morning of thanks. Thank You for the good sleep over the weekend. I am so grateful for Your presence and direction in yesterday’s service. And thank you for the opportunity to be with family. No matter the circumstances, I am grateful that you are by my side. Thank You, Father.

James 1:21 (<<click here)

In this passage, we are admonished to rid ourselves of the filth and evil in our lives.” In the culture in which I live, Lord, this is a great challenge. The world is replete with it. I can’t turn a TV on, walk through a checkout like, flip through Facebook or stand in any given public gathering of people without being exposed to it.

I may be exposed to it on a regular basis, and would have to be a recluse with no access to technology, to avoid it but ultimately it is my choice as to how I respond to it. I see it but that doesn’t mean I have to embrace it or take it in. I don’t have to read it or watch it or even look at it. You enable me to turn the other way – help me to do so.

That can be tough enough but the real challenge is abiding by John 17:14-19. Lord, in this passage You state that we “are not of the world, even as [You are] not of it.” But the challenge comes in living out our commission of being sent into the world.” We cannot simply run and hide. In Your strength alone can we stand strong as we are sent “into the world.”

I cannot impact the world for Your kingdom, Lord, from a distance. I must be in the midst of the fray. It is dangerous. I might get hurt – seriously even. But I cannot shirk my responsibilities. The battles must be fought if the lost are to be reclaimed! Lord, “protect [me] from the evil one” and use me as You will! Amen.

Aug 15th, Mon, 6:06 am

Hand in the Cookie Jar

In the quiet of this early hour, Father, speak to my heart. Open my spiritual ears that I may hear every word. Fill me with You that I then may live them out. Amen.

Hebrews 4:13 (<<click here)

“Nothing… is hidden from God. Everything is naked and exposed…we are accountable.”

From a physical perspective alone, Lord, this would scare most people half to death but that is just a shallow, surface mentality. Of course when the author of Hebrews says “everything” they mean evrything!

Many of us excel…Let me rephrase that… I as well of many of us excel at keeping all of our unmentionables discreetly tucked in. Our minds process things all the time that we would be absolutely mortified if others could see what we are thinking and when and where we are thinking it! And the things we think run the gamut of possibility from silly to selfish, from inappropriate to sinful.

Others cannot see, thankfully, but You, Lord…You see everything in its entirety. Absolutely “nothing in all creation is hidden from You.” All that we do or think is an open book before You. We cannot hide it or disguise it or embellish it. “Everything is naked and exposed before Your eyes.” That’s pretty blunt and just the thought of it makes us uncomfortable and all we seem to be able to do is to look down at our shifting feet.

We have, without question, no excuses left. We are caught with our proverbial hand in the cookie jar. And it’s not like our kid sister caught us. You, Lord, the God of the Universe, the “One appointed by God to be the judge of all – the living and the dead.” (Acts 10:42)… You are the “one to whom we are accountable.”

So payment is due. The bill is on table and there is no slipping out the back door. Some of our “indiscretions” are harmless and not worth remembering but many…many are infractions against our most holy God. And regardless of whether we want to acknowledge it, the fact of the matter is “the wages of sins is death…” Romans 6:23a We don’t but, Lord, You surely did. You gave Your life in our stead. You took upon Yourself the sins of every man, woman and child who has ever walked the face of this earth. The “wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 6:23b

We are caught…we are exposed…we are guilty…but thanks to Jesus’ supreme sacrifice – if we will but accept it – we are forgiven. AMEN!

Mar 4th, Fri, 5:48 am