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Mine, Mine, Mine!

Father, I’ve been up for a bit but have just begun to write. I’ve read a devotional and my Puritan prayer for today. I’ve prayed some, as well. I’ve poked around on my phone and tried to stretch out some of the kinks. But now help me to direct my attention solely to You. Help me to hear what You have for me today.

James 1:27 (<<click here)

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means… refusing to let the world corrupt you.

One of the biggest differences between following God and following the world boils down to you and me. The world’s mindset is all about me – what’s in it for me – how does it benefit me. My study Bible* says, “We are not to adapt to the world’s value system, which is based on money, power, and pleasure.”

Growing up I loved cartoons! One that pops in my head right now is one with Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny. They find themselves in a cave full of treasure. A phrase that sticks in my head is spoken by Daffy, “Mine, mine, mine!” Another phrase he exclaims is, “I can’t help it, I’m a greedy slob – it’s my hobby!”

That is the mindset of the world, “Mine, mine, mine!” Me, me, me controls what we do.

But for the follower of You, Lord, love is the guiding line so our focus is you, you, you. We love You “with all our heart…soul, and …mind.” And we are to “Love our neighbor as ourselves.” Matthew 22:37-39 It’s all about the You and not the me.

Lord, may my focus every day be on the “You” and not on the “me.” May Your love guide me every step of the way

Aug 22nd, Mon, 6:13 am

To the Work

Oh my, I am struggling this morning, Father. An early and full day at work followed by the special service at Beulah last night sure made getting up a challenge. And even being up, keeping my eyes open has not been entirely successful. But, I know spending time with You is vital to my spirits well-being. Starting off my mornings with You sets the pace and mentality for the day. May I hear you loud and clear.

James 1:27 (<<click here)

Reading this passage brings to mind the old Fanny Crosby hymn, “To the Work”.

To the work! To the work! We are servants of God.
Let us follow the path that our Master has trod.
With the balm of His counsel our strength to renew,
Let us do with our might what our hands find to do.
Toiling on… Let us hope (and trust) let us watch (and pray)
And labor till the Mater comes.

Lord, I cannot be idle. There are too many hurting and needy people in the world. There are material needs, which is an area we are most apt to respond to – we have resources and share. But there are also social needs – there are over 7 billion people on this planet but many are alone. And most importantly, the spiritual needs of humanity impact us all. We must be “to the work!”

Jesus, help me to “follow the path” that You have trod. May I daily, routinely, be about investing myself in the lives of other – at home, at church, at work, with loved ones, with acquaintances, with adversaries – with any and every one! Fill me with Your wisdom and strength so I may not grow weary of giving myself away.

Aug 21st, Sun, 5:55 am