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Be Holy? You Betcha!

It’s been too long since I’ve come to sit with You, Father. I didn’t realize until just now that’s it’s been 4 days! I was thinking it had only been a couple! I’m sorry…I’m here to learn. Help me to listen.

1 Peter 1:13-16 (<<click here)

Lord, You have set the bar pretty high. Peter admonishes us to “prepare your minds for action,” so that’s where we begin. Living “as God’s obedient children” is challenging enough but being holy “in everything, I do, just as God who chose me is holy” – now that’s huge!

A couple of points come to mind. First of all, Lord, You want us to succeed. You would never set us up to fail. It’s not an easy task be we can do it. Of course, a big thing is we aren’t meant to do it by ourselves – You are there all along the way. You are there to teach and correct and encourages us all along the way. You strengthen and empower us.

Then Peter exclaims that Scripture commands us to “be holy because You are holy.” Lord, You yourself commanded us to “be perfect, as our heavenly Father is perfect.” Matthew 5:48

Many at this point would cry out, “Why even try?” It’s a lost cause! I’m sure not perfect much less holy! But we can’t give up. There are things for which we strive.

Think of all the musicians and athletes out there. Their goal is to be the very best they can be. Sometimes they are spot on. Their performance is flawless; they pull off world record breaking feats. Other times it’s back to the basics because it’s just not happening. But when they falter, do they quit? No! They push on!

We must do the same spiritually! We will make mistakes! We will sin! And total holiness and perfection will only become a reality when we join You in eternity. But one must strain and push ourselves to attain the goals You’ve set for us for it is so worth it not just for eternity but for here and now, as well.

Oct 28th, Fri, 6:15 am