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Turn Away

Once again a new day begins, pristine, a clean slate. The past is past and only possibilities lie ahead. Father, together let us continue to build upon the foundation You have set. May I follow You this day. Use me to impact my world for You. As Your Word teaches us to pray, “Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Amen.

Revelation 2:20-23 (<<click green)

Lord, in this passage “Jezebel” is guilty of encouraging believers to take part in a lifestyle that is in opposition to Your will. She extolled “sexual sin” and eating “food offered to idols”.

In and of themselves are sex and food evil? No, of course not! Both are gifts from You! Where the trouble arises is when we take these gifts and use them outside the parameters which You have set. That is the way it is with all sin. It is when the “ME” factor takes control. It is when “I” want to do it “MY” way.

Our acts of sin are bad enough but we compile our sin when we refuse to “turn away from [our] immorality.” The applicable word here is “repent.” I understand repentance as an about face – we turn from sin and turn to God. It doesn’t do any good to just try to stop sinning. It has a nasty tendency to lure us back in. And to just stop sinning does take care of the stains we have incurred from sins we have committed. Turning to God, admitting our sin and seeking His forgiveness, takes care of the sin – it is totally eradicated! And then we can live in the power of our relationship with Him to ward off yielding to those sins again.

Lord, thank You for Your everlasting love. You are truly long-suffering. Help me this day to stand strong against whatever sins would cross my path. My strength is not sufficient – but Yours surely is! Amen.

July 18th, Tues, 6:21 am

Mine, Mine, Mine!

Father, I’ve been up for a bit but have just begun to write. I’ve read a devotional and my Puritan prayer for today. I’ve prayed some, as well. I’ve poked around on my phone and tried to stretch out some of the kinks. But now help me to direct my attention solely to You. Help me to hear what You have for me today.

James 1:27 (<<click here)

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means… refusing to let the world corrupt you.

One of the biggest differences between following God and following the world boils down to you and me. The world’s mindset is all about me – what’s in it for me – how does it benefit me. My study Bible* says, “We are not to adapt to the world’s value system, which is based on money, power, and pleasure.”

Growing up I loved cartoons! One that pops in my head right now is one with Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny. They find themselves in a cave full of treasure. A phrase that sticks in my head is spoken by Daffy, “Mine, mine, mine!” Another phrase he exclaims is, “I can’t help it, I’m a greedy slob – it’s my hobby!”

That is the mindset of the world, “Mine, mine, mine!” Me, me, me controls what we do.

But for the follower of You, Lord, love is the guiding line so our focus is you, you, you. We love You “with all our heart…soul, and …mind.” And we are to “Love our neighbor as ourselves.” Matthew 22:37-39 It’s all about the You and not the me.

Lord, may my focus every day be on the “You” and not on the “me.” May Your love guide me every step of the way

Aug 22nd, Mon, 6:13 am