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A Fine Line

Thank You for our talk this morning, Father. I needed that time of quiet interaction. May I be sensitive to Your presence throughout all the many tasks of this day. Amen.

Matthew 5:7-12 (<<click the green)

Lord, as I read through these verses it is no surprise whatsoever that though You spoke them two thousand years ago, they are so applicable today in the here and now. The world in which I live today is so divisive! It’s so defensive! Anymore it doesn’t take much tip people over into a fit of rage over almost anything.

What bothers me most is the fact that even those who follow You follow the same track. Where is mercy? If we are truly people “whose hearts are pure” wouldn’t we also be those “who work for peace”?

Is it any wonder we struggle to find Your blessing? We surely don’t deserve it…

I totally understand that we are called to firmly stand for what is right, that we should hold up the cause of the downtrodden. And here is where we must walk a fine line. We are to stand strong but why must we pair it with hatred? Why do we despise those who are in opposition to what we hold to be true?

When I read verse 11 the beginning of verse 12 slaps me in the face.

11“God blesses you when people mock you and persecute you and lie about you and say all sorts of evil things against you because you are my followers. 12Be happy about it! Be very glad!”

Our world is in opposition to Your Church and Your kingdom seemingly more than it ever has been. Your Church is mocked. Your Church is persecuted. Your Church is lied about. People say all sorts of evil things against Your bride. …and are we happy about it? Are we glad? …I don’t think so…

We are livid! We are angry! We are retaliatory!

Where is the love? Where is the mercy? Where is compassion? Where is grace? Where are the tears for those who are lost? Where is the “Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing”? (Luke 23:34)

Lord, I pray for Your hand to fall heavily upon Your Church. May we take to heart the life You lived before us. May we take upon ourselves Your humility. Make us merciful…and pure…and those who work for peace. May we do what is right in Your eyes, not our own. Amen.

Oct 11th, Wed, 8:37 am


In all honesty, Father, I’m having a hard time sitting here this morning. I am achy and restless. But I know that You are here and that You are eager for our time together – it is important to You. So I am here, too. Because You love me, I am here. Because I love You, even though I might wish to be elsewhere, I am here. Love is a great motivator for doing important things, whether we really want to or not.

I’m grateful that You are a big enough God to hear me out and to still love me. You already know it’s in my head, so why not get it out on paper. You are well aware that how I feel physically and mentally has no bearing on how I feel about You.

Lord, may I be more like You. May I see others, those I love and those I don’t even know…may I see them for who they are and still care about them. May I not take offense because they are hurting and that’s what shows when they interact with me. May I love them regardless. Help me to be big enough to be gracious – for that is what you are to me. Enable me to be merciful and compassionate. I have no excuse for that is what you extend to me.

More about Jesus would I know
            More of His grace to others show;
More of His saving fullness see,

            More of His Love who died for me. ~ Eliza E. Hewitt, 1887

Aug 12th, Fri, 7:11 am