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The Little I Have, Multiplied

This day may be overcast, Father, but nothing can stop the light that pours into me from You! May I shine brightly onto the lives of those I come in contact with today! Amen!

Matthew 14:15-21 (<<click the green)

“…five loaves and two fish…” That’s not much but You took them and blessed them and fed 5,000 men plus women and children! Even if there were just one woman and one child for every man, that’s 15,000 people! And there were leftovers! You took something seemingly insufficient and used it far above and beyond what anyone thought possible.

One of the things I remember distinctly from my teen years was trying to live a more consistent life for You, Lord. I remember lying on the bed in my room in Oney Hall at the West Virginia District Campgrounds and looking back at my life and seeing how You used me in different situations. Then I looked at the relatively big picture and saw that those times were somewhat few in number because I couldn’t seem to stay on track in my relationship with You. It was a struggle. I remember thinking, “If God could accomplish this much with the little I’ve given, then what would He be able to do if I gave Him my all, 100% of the time?”

Even now, several decades later my humanity gets in the way but, because of Your patience and continued work in my life, Lord Jesus, I am used of You more and more. I am so grateful that You take the little I have and have multiplied it beyond what I could ever have imagined.

May 10th, 2018, Thurs, 6:31 am