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How You Are with Me

Father, words are just inadequate to express my thoughts toward You. In my life, which is up and down and here and there, You are constant and consistent. You are solid. You cannot be shaken. You are ever on even keel. These are traits of You overall but, at least for me, this is how You are with me.

Lord, I have done nothing to be treated this way. So often I feel like the “difficult” child in Karen’s first grade class. There’s a way I am supposed to be, a way I’m supposed to act but I am not, I don’t. I run around when I’m to be sitting . I talk when silence is required. I break my crayons. I doodle on my papers. I belch at the most inappropriate times. I run instead of walk. So often I am an absolute mess!

But You? Hebrews 13:8 assures me that You are “the same yesterday today, and forever.” And that is truly how You are overall but, just as truly, that is how You are with me.

You are patient and kind. You are not irritable, and You keep no record of being wronged. You never give up on me, never lose faith in me. You are always hopeful, and You endure through every circumstance. (1 Corinthians 13:4-7) You are love and You love me…

Thank You, Lord, for being who You are. Thank You for loving me where I am. And think You for loving me enough to help me be all I can be in You. This peanut butter and jelly faced, runny nosed kid can and will be so much more. You love me and that makes all the difference.

Jan 17th, Tues, 6:18 am

The Allure of the Trap

Father, beyond the last couple of days being outside the routine, they have also been trying. Fiery darts have flown and I have been less adept with my shield than I should have been. I have already asked for and received Your forgiveness and would ask that my resolve be strengthened from Your never ending reserves. My strength is found in You, Father, for I am weak. Thank You for Your love and patience. If I truly got what I deserve, I would have been a pile of dust and ashes long ago. But only because of You, I am stronger today that I once was and in You I will be stronger tomorrow, too.

One of the daunting things about country living is the fact that unwanted guests will occasionally let themselves in…mice! Every nook and cranny in our home has been filled and sealed with the exception of one and it is a space that I cannot get to. Almost all of the lower cabinetry in our kitchen will have to be removed for the entry point to be eliminated. So we use traps and they do a fine job.

Over the years we have discovered that peanut butter serves as very enticing bait and many an unwanted guest has succumbed to its allure. The scent of it draws them. The taste keeps them and drives them further in until a foot or a nose trips the lever and the penalty is paid for unwanted entry.

The devil knows our weaknesses and being unable to be everywhere at the same time, he sets traps for us – alluring things, enticing things, things that are very, very hard to say “no “ to once they have been tasted. And none of us are exempt. We can all be tempted. All of us have entered places where we have no business being, be it physical or mental. Many times we realize early on that we’ve entered a very dangerous place and exit immediately but even the strongest of warriors can be enticed in times of weariness or when our guard is let down even for a moment. And in that moment of hesitation the trap is sprung and we are caught.

But our Father, gratefully so, can be everywhere at the same time. And when we cry out He is there to save us, to set us free, once again from the trap. We lick our wounds and regret our actions and fall on the gracious mercy of our loving Lord and Savior who understands us, more than we could ever know. “For this High Priest of ours understands our weaknesses, for he faced all the same testings’ (temptation) we do, yet he did not sin” Hebrews 4:15

Thank You, Lord, for Your love, Your forgiveness and Your mercy and grace. Give us wisdom to avoid the places of temptation. And when we do end up there and sometimes it attacks when we didn’t even see it coming, gives us the strength to stand and fight or sometimes it is just best to turn and run.

May we continue to abide in Your presence and learn from Your Word so we may be ready, in Your wisdom and strength, for whatever comes our way. All praise, and honor and glory to You!

Feb 27th, Sat, 4:58 am

Zombies, Weeds and Illness


Father, thinking over yesterday, I want to thank You for being with me throughout the day. Holy Spirit I know Your presence is with me 24/7, but there were several instances yesterday where I felt You were guiding and directing me. My response to one particular incident set the tone for the day, and because I prayed and followed You, You were glorified. I in my selfishness could have hindered Your kingdom, but because I was obedient, Your kingdom was lifted up. Thank You for working in me and through me. Thank you for patiently working with me, for chiseling away at my hard heart, for molding me more and more into Your likeness.

Colossians 3:5-11 (<<click here)

Lord, reading this passage brings so many visual images to mind – “zombies”, gardening and disease (illness) to name a few.

I’m really not a fan of anything “zombie”, but putting “to death” “sinful, earthly…lurking” things bring them to mind. We are called to “strip off [our] old sinful nature and all its wicked deeds”, but the undead regularly come back and want to eat my brain. I know this is a weird train of thought, Lord, but without You working in my life “sexual immorality, impurity, lust,…evil desires…greed…anger, rage, malicious behavior and dirty language“ don’t want to stay dead. Those things, and more, rear their ugly heads and want to destroy me!

Vegetable gardens come to mind too. We clear off a plot and work up the soil. We rid the area of rocks and debris then plant seeds in anticipation of a good harvest. But inevitably weeds show up and if we are not diligent they can overtake the good we have sewn. Evil sprouts up everywhere. We must regularly go to the Master Gardener, for help – to rid ourselves of the “weeds”, to learn how to keep disease from destroying the harvest, to discover how best to ward off critters that would eliminate the fruit of our labors.

Sometimes things can pop up that look “good” and our curiosity allows them to continue growing, but they take our time and energy from the important tasks at hand and we end up with problems. Lord, help me to fastidiously maintain my plot and to come to You at every opportunity for guidance.

Disease and illness are things we are always on guard against. Some things are easy to avoid for we know they are not good for us, but sometimes we like things that are detrimental to our health and well-being. We may love peanut butter, but if it causes an allergic reaction it could kill us.

Sometimes we come in contact with things that have never bothered us before, but You call us to let them go. Help us to be obedient or our “spiritual” health will suffer. They may even be things that we didn’t realize were hurting us, but we will need to be wary and avoid them.

Lord, You want us to keep ourselves pure and free from sin. Help me to listen to You and obey You even when it doesn’t make sense to me. Help me to continue to rid myself of my old sinful nature and to wrap myself up in my “new nature and be renewed as [I] learn to know [my] creator and become like [You].”

June 18th, Thurs, 6:21 am