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It is a struggle to get up out of my toasty bed, especially when another hour of sleep sounds so enticing but Proverbs 6:10-11 from the Amplified Bible helps me bring my thoughts back on track.

“Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, A little folding of the hands to lie down and rest”— So your poverty will come like an approaching prowler who walks [slowly, but surely] And your need [will come] like an armed man [making you helpless].”

King Solomon may have been pointing to a physical poverty but it applies just as readily to spiritual poverty. Father, our time together is vital to my spiritual wellbeing. My relationship with You must be cultivated. It is of the utmost importance. Bless our time together. May I hear clearly what You have for me this day. Amen.

Matthew 6:7-13 (<<click the green)

It’s interesting in this passage to read Your warning against “repeating [our] words again and again” thinking that that is how our prayers are going to get answered and to see that it is immediately followed by a prayer You gave us, that many of us know by heart, that we repeat every Sunday in our worship together.

I have read where some think we should eliminate the Lord’s Prayer from public repetition but I think what’s important to remember, once again, is the relationship aspect.

Several years ago I attended a funeral service where the minister lead those gathered in the Lord’s Prayer and honestly I felt he was trying to make sure he finished ahead of everyone else! It felt like it was a race to get through it as quickly as possible! Now I’m not questioning his relationship with You, Lord, but his prayer sure did not reflect that relationship.

Every Sunday both of my congregations repeat this prayer at the conclusion of our prayer time together and I purposely do not rush when I lead them in reciting it. I have preached on the importance of prayer and highlighted the wonderful aspects of this prayer You set before us as an example of how we should pray. But again, it comes down to our relationship with You. Repetition is not the problem – complacency is the problem.

Lord, help us to keep our hearts and minds in the right place. Help us to keep You in the right place. Repetition is a benefit, not a detriment if our hearts are set in pursuit of our relationship with You.

Dec 6th, Wed, 6:47 am