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Today is a new day, Father – one of endless possibilities. Help me to use it wisely. May my preparation for Sunday worship be fruitful. Though it will be limited to breakfast, lunch, and supper, help me and Karen to make the most of our time together. And lastly, enable me to do my very best at work – working hard and loving people. Amen.

2 Timothy 1:1-2 (<<click here)

Lord, You surely know what is best. As You do with us all You know who we are but You also known who we can be and most often it is more than we ever thought possible. Paul is an excellent example. Even as a young man he took his relationship with God very seriously. He did some awful things to early followers of You for he was way out of alignment but early on You got involved and opened his eyes. And because of his willingness to yield to Your Lordship he impacted the early church in a mighty way – and continues to do so today.

As I begin reading 2 Timothy, I realize that this is Paul’s last writing before his impending death. Yet even in his last moments of life, he is reaching out to encourage. He is thinking of others. At this moment he is not asking for prayer, he is giving himself to Timothy. He is a true reflection of his Savior.

Lord, I do not know what this day holds. I would pray that I have many more ahead of me, for there is much yet to be done, but today could be my last. Only You know. Help me to be diligent to do what really needs done today. Help me to follow Your lead and to truly reflect my Savior.

Oct 7th, Wed, 7:20 am

Driven by Love

Once again, Father, I sit here and I’m in the same place I was yesterday…. We were so blessed with an outpouring of Your presence in both services yesterday morning – I am so grateful. Then yesterday afternoon my attitudes and actions went everywhere but where they should have been. I don’t know if it’s because I’m weary from a lot of extra physical labor this past week, so my defenses are down or what but, Father, I need an attitude adjustment! And it’s the kind that only You can perform. With the utmost of reverence I bow at Your feet… Be merciful on this old sinner. I am nothing and cannot survive this life without You. Please forgive me, heal me, and realign me. Only in You can I be made whole!

1 Timothy 3:1-13 (<<click here)

What a list of attributes worthy of aspiration on the part of every believer! Lord, Paul gives a fine list of qualities for which leaders, such as myself, should seek and strive. So many eyes are upon us. Most importantly Your eyes, Lord. Each and every day my goal must be to do what pleases You. And, yes, part of it is adhering to guidelines set in Your Word – that is very important – but I truly believe that my love for You must be the strongest driving factor. I can follow all the proper rules and regulations in my relationship with Karen but if I am not motivated by love for her things start to fall apart, selfishness worms its way in, apathy and self-inflicted blindness begin to take its toll on our relationship. It is magnified even more so in my relationship with You, Jesus. Love has to be my motivator. Time and time again You show me Your love for me Repeatedly, I see examples of love that others have for You. Help me to love You more and more. That is what will keep me true, that will adjust my attitude. Please, help me to clearly see Your love for me – that alone is motivation enough.

Lord Jesus, Your eyes are upon me but so are the eyes of everyone around me. For good or for bad, people see what I say or do. Most of the time I am a good reflection of You… but way too often I am not. Please, enable me to allow Your love to fill me each and every day so I can be a lighthouse that will guide others away from danger and that will guide them safely into harbor of Your love and grace!

September 7th, Mon, 6:30 am1

I Am Your Child

I enter this time of reflection and quietness this morning, Father, eagerly anticipating what You will share with me. I am humbled by the fact that You desire to be with me. So many times I feel unworthy, on occasion I feel like a child who has had way too much fun in the mud puddles only to realize its time to go home and, boy, am I going to be in trouble… No real harm done, nothing really hurt or damaged but what a mess! But Father, I am Your child – You love me more than my little brain could ever begin to comprehend. You get me out of my dirty things, and get me into a nice hot bath and when all is said and done, You lift me up into Your lap, hold me close, cover me with kisses for I am truly loved… Thank You, Father; I love You, too…

Lord, this is more than enough for today! You love me, I am loved by my Creator and Savior. Nothing else is needed! And because I am loved so unconditionally may I love others in the same way – tall order, for sure, but I can do no less. Help me Lord to love as only You possibly can! So be it – Amen!

September 3rd, Thurs, 6:38 am

Balance Law with Love

Dear, precious Father, I am so grateful that You made it possible for us to have a personal, intimate relationship. That You would love me so much to pursue me even after my habitual unfaithfulness to You is astounding. Only because of Your love for me can I remain faithful to You. Sin continues to entice me and will do so throughout the rest of my life but with Your strength and wisdom I am victorious! Praise Your Holy Name!

1 Timothy 1:1-11 (<<click here)

Lord, this passage has my head spinning! Help me focus onto what You would have me see this morning.

Paul says “the law is good when used correctly.” v8 It is important for me to know the law, gaining knowledge of right and wrong but it is to my detriment (and others for that matter)  if a majority of my time is consumed in such pursuits. It’s possible that I can invest too much time in dissecting and discussing minute points of the law.

Again it’s important to know the law. But Paul stresses that “the law was not intended for people who do what is right. It is for people who are lawless and rebellious, who are ungodly and sinful…” v9a

My goal is to be “filled with love that comes from a pure heart, a clear conscience, and genuine faith.” v5 I am called to live out that love and to proclaim “the glorious Good News of salvation through Christ – through You, Lord!

Being so “law” minded seems to lead us to be too legalistic and judgmental in our interactions with the world – with those who the law is for. But not one of us likes to be berated about our lifestyles and our life choices.

The old adage comes to mind. “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” Lord, help me to love others as You love others. Help me to invest myself in them. Help me to be a reflection of You in their lives – genuine, wholesome, transparent, loving, truthful compassionate. Lord, shine through me!

Without a doubt I believe that You love us. Every encounter recorded in the Gospels (the Good News) that you had with sinners was filled with compassion and understanding. You told them the truth but it was always communicated with love! You didn’t say their sin was acceptable but your overwhelming emphasis was true, genuine LOVE! Use me, Lord, to love like You do!

August 22nd, Sat, 7:50 am

Clouds Obscuring the Moon

clouds obscuring the moon

Father, I would ask that You would continue to draw me into Your presence. My bed was enticing but I want to see what You have for me today. I earnestly pray that I will never grow weary of our time together.

Philippians 2:14-18 (<< click here)

Lord, I love the symbolism that is brought out in my study Bible, that I am called to not let the cloudiness of complaining and arguing to hide the light of our response to Your Word. Or maybe a little better way to say it is that if we let negative emotions control us it’s sort of like us being the moon, which reflects the light of Your Son and then letting clouds (negative emotions) obscure the light that we are to reflect. It diminishes our light, our witness and instead of drawing people to You the focus is shifted to our negative emotions.

You’re helping me address this in my public life (work, church) but I’m definitely squelching Your aid in my private life. It’s bad enough that I let the negative dictate my “reflection” when I’m alone (driving comes to mind) but it’s really bad when it happens and I’m around Karen. She way too often gets an obstructed view of You in my life – sometimes a little but many times it is so strong that it leaves us in total darkness. This is a “me” thing that I cannot bring under control by myself – I’m blind and weak Only Your intervention can help me get a handle on it. Lord, please “pierce the darkness” in this area of my life with the radiant glory of Your presence and Your love in my life – shine through!!

Lord, I want to be an uplifting (i.e. lifting up to You!) influence in my role as a husband. We have too much darkness in our lives which we have little control over (work, family issues, health, etc.) So I don’t need to add to it. Shine through me, please, I pray. Help me to reflect Your glory, Your mindset in a crooked world.

May 20th, Wed, 6:26 am