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Love and Law

Thank You, Father, for a wonderfully productive day! You have been with me all the way and all the physical things are ready for worship. May I continue to prepare spiritually so that I may say, be and do exactly what You need. Praise Your holy name!

Matthew 5:20 (<<click the green)

When we first read this verse Lord I think we are a little shocked – even if we know who the “teachers of the religious law and Pharisees” were. Maybe I’m just not enough of a rebel but I was brought up to respect leaders in all walks of life. But regardless of how high someone is in any organization – even the church – lines can be crossed. And evil cannot be tolerated…and it must be dealt with. I’m sure there were good men amongst this nefarious crew of religiosity but they may have been few and far between, as well.

You have just proclaimed Your intent to fulfill the law as given to Moses and we are also called to be obedient to it. My study Bible* helps a great deal in understanding this law.

First of all, “there were three categories of law: ceremonial, civil and moral.” Ceremonial law dealt with Israel’s worship and it all pointed to You. Your death and resurrection fulfilled it all! So we “are no longer bound by” them but the “principles behind them – to worship and love a holy God – still apply.”

Our world is a “radically different” place from when the civil law was given to Israel for daily living. We don’t follow them specifically but Your example showed us that the “principles behind the commands are timeless and should guide our conduct.”

Lastly, the moral law (i.e. the Ten Commandments) “is the direct command of God” and we are accountable to abide by it. Lord, You abided by it in its entirety.

And that is the rub with the religious leaders of the time You walked this earth. They were so busy splitting hairs that they didn’t really take time to live out the law where it was really important. Lord, Your desire was and still most assuredly is for us to live in a loving, intimate relationship with You. We can strive to abide by every rule and regulation but unless there is relationship…it is worthless.

Lord, help me (and I know You do) to love You more every day. May there be a burning in my heart to spend time with You regularly. The more time I conscientiously spend with You the closer our relationship will be. Amen – so be it!

*Life Application Bible New Living Translation

Oct. 19th, Thurs, 3:43 pm

I Can Do It Myself

I come before You this morning, Father, to hear what You have for me this day. May I listen attentively and follow Your leading. Amen.

One of the biggest struggles in following You, Lord, is getting out of the way. The “I can do it myself” mentality can so get us in trouble.

A portion of this morning’s Puritan prayer reads,

Thou hast taught me the necessity of a Mediator, a Messiah…
…and this by faith in thy beloved Son who teaches me
not to guide myself,
not to obey myself,
not to try to rule and conquer sin
but to cleave to the one who will do it all for me.

It is a fairly common occurrence at work (Kohl’s) to see a parent with a young child who insists on pushing their cart. On many occasions, the child can barely reach the handle; much less see anything that lays ahead – fixtures, displays, little old ladies, etc. The child proclaims emphatically (and quite often loudly) “I can do it myself!” But mom or dad must stay close by, must be ready to react at a moment’s notice or problems can quickly ensue.

I’m just glad that I never… who am I kidding?! It has been a fairly common occurrence, in my life, to see a parent – You – with a child – me – and I insist on (fill in the blank). I can’t see what lies ahead…but You do.

When it comes to my spiritual walk, I have had to learn my lesson. I cannot “guide” or “obey myself.” I am totally inept in my attempts “to rule and conquer sin.” My only hope of success is to “cleave to the one who will do it for me.” Only in You will I find success. You alone can bring me victory. My Lord and Savior guide me, help me to be obedient to You. Enable me to leave the ruling and conquering of sin to You. You are the Parent – I am Your child.

Sept 18th, Sun, 6:35 am