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Things of Inestimable Worth

Father, this morning I come to You with a humble and contrite heart. I am overwhelmingly blessed by You yet I still grumble and am unsatisfied with where I find myself. Far too often I take for granted things that are right before me. There are many things that I am not happy with but I neglect to cherish – to realize how much I am truly loved.

We have talked about many things in the last several months. I am sorry for complaining about situations in which You have carefully and lovingly placed me. Please forgive me for not appreciating to the fullest the beautiful things in my life.

Lord, I would ask that I would not allow minuscule, insignificant things in my life to taint my entire mindset that I would let them roll right over me to be remembered no more.

Please enable me to grasp those things, small though they may be, that in the setting of Your great love for me I wouldn’t let them pass me by. That I would hold them close, that I would embrace them, savoring them for the great value they hold – a child’s laugh, an older couple holding hands, the day-in-day-out way’s my wife shows her love for me – and the many little things of inestimable worth.

And most of all, most importantly of all, Lord, may I never, ever, forget all that You are to me. Your patience, Your grace, Your love, Your blessings upon me. Your sacrifice, the pain You took upon Yourself in my stead, may I remember every day…You are the reason I am here. You are my reason for living. May I never take You for granted.

Sept 6th, Tues, 6:21 am

Savor the Blessing

What a blessing, Father, it is to sit with You each day. I cannot recall the exact date of when I first began but it has been about a year now. I know that my walk with You has deepened. I more readily hear when You call. Over time my perspective has matured. Initially I stumbled about; inconsistent would have described our time together. But as the days turned into months it more and more began to fill in the gaps. In a way it was like I was a child learning to walk. I would fall but, Father, You were always there to pick me up. I knew You loved me and that You were proud of me, too.

Over time I learned to run and I can recall the sheer joy I had in our time together. I basked in the light of knowing that this was truly a special time. I, one of billions, was called by the King himself to begin my day with Him. It was exhilarating!

At this point our time together is well established. As I write I look back and I haven’t missed a single day with You in over 3 months. I miss the excitement of those early days but each phase of life has its own things to glory in. What brought me joy at six years of age, I probably wouldn’t even be able to pull off at 53! 😀

In my youth, flitting about from one new experience to the next was wonderful and exhilarating.  But in my adult years I have learned the blessing of savoring. I no longer gulp life down in heaping spoonfuls but take it a bite at a time and relish every one.

“Taste and see that the Lord is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him!” Psalm 34:8

Apr 21, Thurs, 4:56 am