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Every Child of God Defeats this Evil World

Thank You, Father, for enabling me to get through so much yesterday for Sunday’s services, even with all the distractions. Help me to align myself with You today and to be faithful in all I say and do that it would be pleasing in Your sight. Amen.

1 John 5:4-5 (<<click here)

“For every child of God defeats this evil world, and we achieve this victory through our faith. And who can win this battle against the world? Only those who believe that Jesus is the Son of God.”

This portion of yesterday’s scripture also spoke to me, Lord. What stuck out was that “every child of God defeats this evil world.” The world we see about us is surely daunting for evil is rampant! But a child defeats it…if that child is Your child. We, Your children, can be victorious over this evil world only if we place our faith in You and that “believe that [You are] the Son of God.”

Once again, Lord, You have set things in place that help to flesh out Your word. Part of my daily routine is to read the Our Daily Bread devotional. For years I read the paperback version but for quite some time I have used the app on my phone. It is a great asset to my day. Anyway, today’s devotional providentially fits quite well with this passage, too. (Here’s the link if you’d like to read the whole thing yourself: Prepare the Child)

The author noted a “phrase [found] on many parenting websites…, “Prepare the child for the road, not the road for the child.” Instead of trying to remove all obstacles and pave the way for the children in our life, we should instead equip them to deal with the difficulties they encounter on the road ahead.”

As we grow and mature, obstacles provide us with…well, with opportunities to grow and mature. You use literally everything in our lives to work together for our good. Romans 8:28 (<< link))

Lord, help me to focus on You today. May my faith be placed squarely on You and nothing else. May all of my life’s experiences –all the good parts and the struggles and failings – enable me to “defeat this evil world.” May my strength and power be found in my faith in You so that I may “achieve this victory.” Amen.

May 19th, Fri, 5:07 am

Butterfly Nets

Father, I am grateful for this time we have together. It bothers me that I am not as eager as I have been in the past to sit with You. I know that it is me and I’m sure there are many contributing factors. Help me, Father. Flush out all that hinders me and fill me with You! I know there will be times of testing. I am weak in and of myself. My strength is found only in You. In my weakness help me not to fall but to immediately be drawn to You! Amen – so be it!

1 Timothy 6:1-2 (<<click here)

Paul has addressed the relationship between slave and master, or a more contemporary application, between employee and employer, before. But it is a good reminder.

Just about every job has its frustrations and struggles. Things can be going well but it doesn’t take much to throw a wrench into the works. A negative comment, an act of perceived unfairness can bring dissatisfaction. Some of us never seem to be able to escape difficulties on the job.

Lord, many times work is what we make it. Our attitudes contribute greatly to how outside forces impact us. It’s a weird thought but sometimes it seems we have our butterfly nets out and instead of trying to catch butterflies we try, with the utmost of efforts, we try to snatch any negativity that flutters into close proximity. We will even race after it just so we have something to complain about.

Instead we’d be better off being like ducks. Let it rain, let it pour! But all that negativity will just run right off of us!

Lord, help me to work so as to please You. Help me to do my best to encourage others and to be a reflection of You!

Sept 24th, Thurs, 8:38 am

Impact Each Other

Father, once again I sit at Your feet. As I open up Your Word may I see what You want me to see. May the impression it makes on me speak to me throughout this day and the days to come.

1 Timothy 5:17-23 (<<click here)

As a pastor, Lord, it is obvious that I have great responsibility: to uphold and proclaim Your Word and to live an exemplary life before both my congregations and the world. But as Paul states in today’s passage the congregation has responsibilities, as well: to support their pastor financially and to lift him up and encourage them. They are also to hold them accountable.

Lord, I am so very blessed to serve the churches to which I have been appointed. Growing up in a pastor’s home I have many warm thoughts of people and events but I am well aware that there were many struggles. There were many contributing factors but it is a fact that we didn’t live in any community for more than 3½ years. Situations would develop and packing would commence. I am grateful that my father, too, has been richly blessed to serve a congregation in his “retirement” where he is loved and supported in so many ways. He has touched many lives and they have touched him as well.

My prayer is that I continue to meet the needs of the churches I serve – that I will faithfully teach them and feed them and challenge them. I know they love me, and support me and respect me. Yes, there are things I could improve upon and with the Lord’s help I will. May they continue to go deeper in their relationships with God so that together we will impact the world for the Kingdom!

Sept 22nd, Tues, 6:40 am

Life in a Bubble

Father, help me to make the most of our time together this morning. As I open Your word, speak to me. I open my heart and mind to You. (Sorry for the FB tangent…You’ve got my undivided attention now.)

Philippians 1:27-30

Unity – standing strong – spread the Good News – not intimidated by enemies – persevere in struggles

(This is why Facebook and replying to texts [even from Mom] need to wait – my brain is rolling but not in the right direction!)

I know I’ve had struggles but looking back on them even all the pastoral transitions seem so small. Sometimes it seems that I’ve lived in a bubble. I’m not complaining whatsoever, Lord. You have surely blessed me and my family.  Help us all to never forget where those blessings have come from. We didn’t earn it, we didn’t deserve it. It wasn’t a reward for perfection (for we surely aren’t!) All the praise goes to You, Lord! Thank you for Your watch-care and Love!

I realize that this morning I got distracted and didn’t listen when You called to come together (forgive me) but I am grateful that You spoke yesterday and You enabled me to respond and act. Thank You for the privilege of praying with and encouraging a gentlemen from church in so much pain (please touch him, Lord!) and for encouraging me to speak with a friend at work (help her to come to You to stand strong in You, to defeat the enemy of pain and hurt and the struggles of life so big for a lady her age. Touch her today, Lord, let her know of Your love and care in a tangible way.)

Help me to be more attuned to You each and every day!  Love You!!

May 15th, Fri, 7:50 am