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Ties that Bind

Father, thank You for another day. I do not know what it will hold for me…but You do. Shine through me this day in all of Your glory. May I be a reflection of all Your attributes in my many interactions with others until my day is done. Amen.

Lord, as I think back over the last several days I can clearly see the strength of familial ties. But when You are intertwined amongst those ties, they are stronger still.

Families are a wonderful blessing, Lord. Over the years I have seen many of them rally together to support one another in times of celebration and in times of loss. They are truly there for each other through thick and thin. Lord, I am also grateful that family is not limited to the group into which one is born. For those who choose to believe, we can all be a part of Your family – brother and sisters regardless of race, geography or economic status. Many of my people are so grateful to have children and grandchildren by their side. We may be separated by distance or the trials of life may have left us alone to fend for ourselves, but, Lord, no one is exempt from Your family. Thank You for adopting us all into Your family. Help us to pray for one another, to love, to support, to rejoice with, and to cry with. You are there for each of us and because of Your call on our lives and Your example set before us may we be there for each other.

Blest be the tie that binds
Our hearts in Christian love;
the fellowship of kindred minds
is like to that above.

May 3rd, Tuesday, 5:50 am

We Need Each Other

Father, Your love for me is more than my finite mind grasp! Thinking of the love between a parent and a child, which in many cases is one of the strongest loves on earth, hardly compares. Of course familial love is a reflection of Your love for us but Your love is so much deeper and far wider. Over and over again we let You down but You never fail to forgive. We hurt You in our disobedience but Your love is a constant! “Amazing Love! How can it be…?” Praise Your Holy Name!

2 Timothy 4:9 (<<click here)

Lord, we always seem to see Paul as one of Your most stalwart followers – strong in his convictions, an individual that we could count on, one we could go to for encouragement and support. He may have consistently emulated You to the world but he was not You – he was only human as am I.

The phrase, “Timothy, please come as soon as you can,” reflects very clearly his humanity. He is weary. He is lonely…and he yearns for Timothy’s companionship – his love, his encouragement, his presence.

Lord, You have created us first of all to need You. You fill the hole in our lives that absolutely nothing else will fill. No matter how hard we work at shoving other things in… But, Jesus, you have also created us to need each other. You are not inhibited by space or time but we surely are. Help me to be the encouragement that I need to be to my family, my friends, my congregants, my fellow workers, any customers and even total stranger who come across my path. I cannot be in all places at all times, as You, but use me to do what I can with Your help and directions. Amen.

Jan 4th, Mon, 6:25 am

Impact Each Other

Father, once again I sit at Your feet. As I open up Your Word may I see what You want me to see. May the impression it makes on me speak to me throughout this day and the days to come.

1 Timothy 5:17-23 (<<click here)

As a pastor, Lord, it is obvious that I have great responsibility: to uphold and proclaim Your Word and to live an exemplary life before both my congregations and the world. But as Paul states in today’s passage the congregation has responsibilities, as well: to support their pastor financially and to lift him up and encourage them. They are also to hold them accountable.

Lord, I am so very blessed to serve the churches to which I have been appointed. Growing up in a pastor’s home I have many warm thoughts of people and events but I am well aware that there were many struggles. There were many contributing factors but it is a fact that we didn’t live in any community for more than 3½ years. Situations would develop and packing would commence. I am grateful that my father, too, has been richly blessed to serve a congregation in his “retirement” where he is loved and supported in so many ways. He has touched many lives and they have touched him as well.

My prayer is that I continue to meet the needs of the churches I serve – that I will faithfully teach them and feed them and challenge them. I know they love me, and support me and respect me. Yes, there are things I could improve upon and with the Lord’s help I will. May they continue to go deeper in their relationships with God so that together we will impact the world for the Kingdom!

Sept 22nd, Tues, 6:40 am

Love Multiplies, It Doesn’t Divide

Father, I plead of You help me to never grow weary of our time together! May it always be refreshing, fulfilling, encouraging and inspirational.  As the years go by may I collect many journals and when I look back please let me see what I have matured and changed for the better because You have continues to work in my life. May my passion and desire for relationship with You only broaden, deepen as the days and months roll by! As the old hymn goes…

Deeper, deeper in the love of Jesus
Daily let me go;
Higher, higher in the school of wisdom
More of grace to know
O deeper yet, I pray
And higher every day
And wiser, blessed Lord,
In thy precious, holy Word.

– Charles P Jones, 1900

Colossians 4:7-18 (<<click here)

Paul’s closing of his letter to Colosse is full of encouragement. Even though he was imprisoned he was surrounded by many faithful friends who mutually supported each other and lifted up the Church. Lord, help me to continue to surround myself with those who would lift up Your kingdom, as well as, myself. And help me do the same for Your kingdom and them. Love, and sometimes tough love, should permeate it all. With You infilling us all, we are to encourage one another to keep the faith. We are to fervently persevere in prayer for one another. Being a hermit may work for a few but we are called a body for a reason – to work together, weak and strong, to build Your kingdom. Please give us wisdom and strength and patience and courage. And Your love must saturate it all – too much damage can be done without it. The love with which You infill us is a multiplier – without it division is inevitable. Help me, Lord, help us, Lord to be filled with You and to be about Your business.

July 5th, Sun, 6:09 am