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At the Door

Father, You have brought me so far! I could not have done it without You. You deserve all the praise! You are surely a great and awesome God worthy of all of our praise! May this day and the life I live be a blessing to You! Amen!

Revelation 3:20 (<<click the green)

“Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends.”

This verse reminds me of an artist’s rendering. The artist is Warner Sallman and the picture is fairly well known, at least in Christian circles.

In doing a little researching I found some interesting details about the painting and its allegory. The barely concealed heart produced by the luminance of Christ and the frame of the doorway convey Christ’s call to the soul ensnared in thistles of sin and the darkness of ignorance and willfulness. Yet… “all is not hopeless, for there is an opening of grillwork in the door ‘revealing the darkness within,’ so that the individual may see who is at the door, and see that He is good and kind.” It is also noteworthy “because the absence of any outside knob or latch on the door indicates that one must open one’s heart to Christ from within — He will not force His way inside.” (from the Warner Sallman Collection)

So much imagery conveyed by Sallman and it is all inspired by truth – the truth from God’s word.

Lord, you wait patiently for our response –not one person is excluded. I am grateful that I answered that persistent knocking on my heart’s door. I am grateful that You have come into my life. I am grateful for Your companionship and direction. Lord, You have brought me so far! I could not have done it without You!

Aug 4th, Thurs, 6:08 am

Thorns and Thistles

Thank You for answered prayers yesterday, Father. I had prayed that You would work through me and I am grateful and humbled that you did. I have the day off from Kohl’s today but ask for Your blessings on my actions and interactions today. Use me as You will. Amen.

Hebrews 6:7-12 (<<click here)

Reading through this passage, Lord, it is obvious that our world is a “field [of] thorns and thistles” and many believe that condemnation and burning is just around the corner. Only You know if our pending judgment is imminent.

But, Lord, it is my heartfelt desire that regardless of what the future may hold, I want to “keep on loving others as long as life lasts” and my goal is “to inherit [Your] promises because of [my] faith and endurance.” v. 11-12

Lord, I’m not telling You anything by saying that our world is replete with evil on every possible level. But… we, Your followers, are in no way hindered from “loving others” and no matter how much it may want to, evil cannot snuff out our “faith” if we will just “endure” by abiding in You.

I would pray that love would be the victor in every circumstance of my life that my faith would come to the forefront. Lord, I know that life will continue to try and whittle away at my resolve, it will try and drain away the reserves of faith and love. But I would ask that You would continue to replenish my inventory, that whatever is drained away will be exceedingly replaced from Your infinite supply! Amen!!

Mar 16th, Wed, 6:59 am