Journey On

Father, I need You this morning. Many things are attacking me from many sides. I’m being distracted. I’m being side-tracked. I’m being pre-occupied. Forgive me. Help me regain my focus on You. For me to be victorious, You have to be my number one priority! It’s too easy to let other things take my time – less important things… It’s a new day in a new month – a fresh page with which to begin. Let’s do this together!

May my heart be right with thee,
                 and my life as becometh the gospel.
            May I maintain a supreme regard to another and better world,
                 and feel and confess myself a stranger and a pilgrim here.
            Afford me all the direction, defense, support, and consolation
                my journey hence requires,
                     and grant me a mind stayed upon thee.

                                                                        – The Valley of Vision

Lord, may this be my prayer…

An old hymn comes to mind, and I looked to see if I’d referred to it before – and I had, a year ago almost to the day! It is no less applicable.

I need Thee, oh, I need Thee;
Every hour I need Thee;
Oh, bless me now my Savior!
I come to Thee.                               – Annie S. Hawks

Nov.1st, Tues, 6:32 am