Good Good Father

It’s been an unusual last couple of days, Father, but no matter what comes down the pike You are ever faithful. The norm is for me to be at least one day ahead in my journaling so as to be ready a bit in advance for my blog post each weekday. But the way things have landed, I have been up a little earlier than usual and have written (really keyed in on the PC) the day of instead. Thank you for being with me Father, no matter when or where, You are ever by my side.

Now I am by far a hymn kind of guy. Many churches have gone the way of contemporary worship. I sang on a worship team myself some years ago. I realize that a lot of people appreciate that style of worship – I just prefer hymns. But just because that’s my preference, it doesn’t mean that I live under a rock.

As I woke up this morning at 4:59 my first thought was that You are a good Father. I needed to wake up then to write but in the time I’ve been writing (almost two years now) I have never set an alarm. Every day You wake me up. You are a good Father. Sometimes, I’m sad to say, I’ve rolled over and thought, “Just a couple more minutes…” and I’ve woken up too late to spend time with You. But, as I said in my opening sentence, You are ever faithful. You have never given up on me. And I…I am ever grateful.

A couple of years ago, Chris Tomlin released a song entitled “Good, Good, Father”. I’d say that I’ve made it pretty clear about how I feel about You, Father. I love You, that’s for sure. But this song has a wonderful message worth sharing. Give it a listen.

If you’d like to hear a little about how and why the song was written, here’s another link. God bless.

The story behind “Good Good Father”

Mar 3rd, Fri, 5:07 am