Theological Punch

Thank You for a restful sleep, Father. Knowing that I am secure in You brings a sweet peace. A portion of that security is found in the realization that You want me to succeed. You want me to be an overcomer in this life. You, in Your sacrifice, have done everything possible for me to be victorious. May I cling to You, may I achieve security, peace and victory. All the glory goes to You!

1 Timothy 3:16 (<<click here)

Lord, this hymn may not be lengthy but it packs a theological punch! You left the wonders of Your heavenly home to be “revealed in a human body”. You became one of us. Through the Holy Spirits power You lived and You were resurrected in that same power. Shortly after Your resurrection, You returned to Your heavenly home being seen “by angels,” so Your Spirit could come and work in and through us all.
Jesus, I am so grateful for everything You have done and continue to do for me! Being fully human You lived a perfect life, so I have an example to follow. Being fully God, You give me the power I need to do what is right in Your eyes. It is doable! I can live my life and overcome this world and all its vices. You lived it out and empower me to do the same! Lord, help me to keep my focus on You – not on things or people or the millions of distractions that cross my path throughout the day. You are my inspiration! You are my power source – help me to plug in to You always. Thank You, Lord, for enabling me to be victorious!

Sept 9th, Wed, 7:20 am

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