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A Good Man

Father, thank You for the provision that only You can bring – my salvation and Your mercy and grace. I am who I am and am where I am solely because of You. Praise Your holy name!

Matthew 1:18-19 (<<click the green)

Lord, Your Father’s choice as to whom Your earthly father would be was spot on (as is everything Your Father does!). Just in these couple of verses we see the kind of person that Joseph was. Verse 19 states that he was a “good man”. He was a devout man – he knew all the rules and regulations – and Mary had seemingly crossed some very serious lines. He obviously would have been implicated in her pregnancy, which was a serious implication, to say the least. Intense shame would have been upon them both but strict adherence to the Law could easily have meant the death of them both.

Knowing he had nothing to do with the pregnancy, Joseph would have had every right to be upset. Any man in his situation would understandably feel angry and betrayed. But that was not his response. Being the “good man” that he was, his love for Mary was more than his love for preserving his pride – his reputation even…and that is some very strong love! Instead of defending his innocence, he instead decided “to break the engagement quietly.” Being a “good man” truly is an understatement!

Lord, You are God’s son, yes, but though it may be difficult to comprehend it all, Joseph had a great impact on You as Your earthly father, as all fathers do. Joseph was a “good man” in so many ways. Even before You were born, he loved others more than himself – what an example.

Lord, thank You for the examples You have set before us. Even before meeting You, Joseph lived out his relationship with his God, as we are all called to do. With Your touch and models of people like Joseph may I do no less. Amen.

Sept 11th, Mon, 6:39 am


Good morning, Father! Thank you for such a wonderful day yesterday! You enabled me and Karen to get so much done working in the yard. The day together was truly a blessing. Thank You, especially for her, I could ask for no better companion for this life’s journey. Bless her this day, Father!

I Thessalonians 2:7-12 (<<click here)

Lord, a serious question I must ask of myself this morning is: What do people think of You from watching me? Am I a good or a poor reflection of You? Do You shake Your head at my antics?

In this morning’s passage Paul points out several things that will help me to better focus my reflection of You in my life. First, I am called to act as a child. Now my study Bible* points out that this doesn’t mean I am to be “immature or untrained. Rather…like children” I am to be “honest, straightforward, and without guile” in presenting the Good News through my life. Lord, help me to live a life of transparency  –  that people never have to guess what I am up to but know that what they see is who I am. And may You continue to buff and sand off all the rough edges in me so I will become more and more like You.

Secondly, Lord, help me to be diligent – giving my best effort throughout my daily walk with You. Be it at work or home or church, may I always be “devout and honest and faultless toward” others. I am like everyone else – I get weary, I get apathetic. But Lord, again, help me to keep my focus in the right place – on You! You deserve my all, not half or three-quarters. You deserve my best! If I strive to please You in all I do, others will be taken care of, too!

Lastly, then, if I live as I should, I will be able to encourage others to do the same. We will all then be able to live our lives in ways worthy of You! Amen – so be it!

July 12th, Sun, 6:20 am

*New Living Translation Application Study Bible