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Seeing Through the Layers

Father, thank You for a productive and enjoyable day with Karen yesterday. Thank You for Your watch care over us. Thank You for our relationship. I am truly blessed! Bless her this day, Father, and help me to love her more and more each day.

1 Thessalonians 5:20-22 (<<click here)

Lord, this is a good reminder from Paul. Lots of things are proclaimed in my world. Some are obviously true and some are blatantly false. The challenge comes with those things that are in between – things that are not so clearly black and white. I am so grateful that You are there to help me to discern what is good and what is evil. Help me to listen to Your direction. Our natural tendency is to just go with the flow – we don’t wait to stick out – we want everyone to like us. Just because good people around us accept something or someone as good doesn’t mean that that is the case. And sometimes good people reject something or someone because they label them as evil and unfortunately the “love” factor is totally rejected as well. Again, Lord, I ask for discernment. Sometimes the crowd is right but sometimes Your desire is for us to see through the layers. Many wear masks – in both the realms of good and evil. Help me to see through the duplicity of some who claim to be good but who are hiding things detrimental to Your kingdom. Then help me to read between the lines, to hear between the words to see under the layers of protection to see those that many would just write off as useless. God is at the core – help me not to miss it. Help me not to just reject them because they don’t measure up to acceptable norms.

August 7th,  2015, Fri, 7:48 am

Are You Listening?

Thank You for a beautiful morning, Father! My quick walk outside was exhilarating! You are ever giving! Praise Your name!

Revelation 2:7 (<<click green)

“Anyone with ears to hear must listen to the Spirit and understand what he is saying…”

Ask anyone who is around me very long and they will affirm that I have some hearing impairment. What? I said, “Ask anyone…” OK, that’s a running joke in our home. Karen and I both struggle to hear each other sometimes. I can be looking straight at her and still not hear her clearly. I can’t hear high pitched sounds at all anymore. Many times Karen has asked, “Do you hear that?” and my response will be, “Hear what?”

I have ears to hear but am I listening? People speak and I hear the sounds coming out of their mouths but do I listen? It is important to hear what those around me are saying but it is even more important to “listen to the Spirit”.  He may not speak with and audible voice but he speaks nonetheless and if I am listening, I am better able to handle the many aspects of my life.

The Spirit is not just floating out there somewhere. The third Person of the Trinity is always with me. There is nowhere I can go that He is not there. And as with any companion, He enjoys interacting with me. As I travel this journey and interact with Him, His voice becomes all the more familiar. I find comfort and direction as we walk side by side.

Lord, help me to do more than just hear. Enable me to listen so as to understand, as well. Amen.

June 29th, Thurs, 8:10 am

Staying the Course

I ask You, Father, to help me as we come together. I am weary. I am coming to the end of a special period of time with family. I am grateful the time we’ve had but it also makes me sad as well in that our time is coming to an end. Be with me, Father.

Revelation 1:19-20 (<<click green)

The terminology here, Lord, refers to “messengers” and is quite often translated as “angels” but in this setting seems not to lend itself to heavenly beings but to earthly messengers.

I must pointedly ask myself, who would an earthly messenger of a church be? In my life who is appointed to deliver Your message to Your Church? Me…it’s me…and many other pastors such as myself. As my study Bible puts it, I am “accountable to God for the churches [I] represent.”

I am responsible, under Your direction, to steer the church along the course we must go…no if’s and’s or but’s. Sometimes it is a fairly easy course. At other times it can be difficult – full of pitfalls and attempts to turn the church off its intended path.

As I ready myself to move forward into Your words for the seven churches, I must let Your words speak to me, as well. You call me to listen to what You would have me hear. It is my responsibility as Your messenger to not only obey Your word for me but to also obey Your word for Your church.

I would pray for Your wisdom in both areas. May I follow Your command of, “Don’t be afraid!” in regards to the churches You have given me and my own life as well. Amen.

June 20th, Tues, 9:47 pm

Still Small Voice

Good morning, Father! Thank You for a good day yesterday, all things considered. I would ask that Your hand would be upon Karen as she recovers from the flu. Regardless of not having her play for our services, You were with us and that was more than enough. You touched lives in the way only You can. Praise You Holy Name!

Lord, I want to thank You for always being with me. I am glad we have spent a good amount of time together and that, although I am still learning to listen, that I listen to that still small voice.

On two instances yesterday I felt you speak to me to say something to two different individuals. It was nothing big, nothing earth shattering, just a simple touch. But I felt they were both from You. I have no idea why You had me do what I did – only You know – but I also firmly believe that when I, in faith, act upon Your word that it is for some purpose. Isaiah 55:11 reads,

It is the same with my word. I send it out, and it always produces fruit. It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it.

Lord, this morning I want to specifically pray for these two people. They are not connected in any way that I know of in the here and now. But You pointed them out and used me to speak to them. It was nothing profound but then my perspective is limited. Your perspective is all inclusive!

Thank You, Lord, also for the many lives You enabled me to touch yesterday as Your spokesman from the pulpit and just as Your man on the ground with both family and friend. Many people dealing with a complexity of circumstances but You know the individual need of each person. I pray that your “word” will continue to “produce fruit” and that it will accomplish all [You] want it to” and “will prosper everywhere [You] send it.” Amen

Apr 17th, Mon, 5:17 am

Hear You in the Clamor

In the stillness of this early hour, Father, may I hear Your voice. As Your Word commands, may I be able to “be still and know that [You are} God.” Psalm 46:10 Amen.

Lord, this is surely a big day pregnant with possibilities. No one knows how it will end. No one truly knows with 100% certainty what events will transpire. It will get busier. It will get noisier… but help me “to be still and know that {You are} God.” Help me to listen – not to just barrel ahead on my own. May I stop… and listen.

And, Lord, may I not just be a passive listener. There are a multitude of things to listen to. Just thinking of work, I hear people talking all around me, in my headset, too. I hear music in my area and different music in the Juniors Department. I hear doors opening and closing , children fussing, carts running into fixtures, merchandise falling to the floor, announcements over the PA, PIN pads obnoxiously announcing that it’s time for people to remove their credit cards – it’s an absolute cacophony of sounds! But in the midst of it all, I must stop… and listen… to You…

May I do more than just listen, may I hear Your voice clearly amongst all the clamor. And once I hear, my I act accordingly. May I act according to your will.

Lord, this day is Yours. As we pray so often Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.” Mathew 6:10 May that come to fruition this day. No matter what we want may Your “will be done.” Amen.

Nov 8th, Tues, 5:17 am (Election Day )