Thank You, Father, for a great day yesterday. It was a crazy day at work but you helped me get so much done. And then for giving me the opportunity to spend some quality time with Karen. Help me to use my time wisely today. Guide and direct my thoughts and actions as I prepare for Sunday.

1 Timothy 1:18-20 (<<click here)

“Cling to your faith in Christ, and keep your conscience clear.” v.19a

As I think back over my life, Lord, I can very clearly see where the words of this verse are vital to the walk of every follower of Christ. In my mind’s eye, at least, I picture clinging as more than just holding hands. It conveys the idea of wrapping my arms around You with the intent purpose of not letting go – security factors in greatly. I am to wrap my arms around my faith in You – securely, not letting go. Separating myself from You can have dire consequences! I am more apt to be attacked or tempted – with You close by, I shut down wayward thoughts the instant they pop into my head. When You are by my side my mind has a greater tendency to follow Your direction, stating the obvious. I want to be faithful to You. I want to be guided by You. Living this way is fulfilling and when I live this way my conscience remains clear, as well.

I don’t want to leave this train of thought this morning without thinking about what happens when I stray from Your presence – when I don’t cling to my faith in You, Lord. If I start to ignore those pricks on my conscience it can lead to a very slippery slope. When I stop paying attention to Your warnings my heart can begin to harden. I can liken it to developing a callus. Over time I lose my sensitivity to areas that You want me to avoid I can allow things into my life that pull me away from You.

Lord, help me to cling to my faith and to keep my conscience clear. Amen

August 27th,  2015,Thurs, 6:44 am